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1980English -- Method of Sampling of electrodeposited metallic coatings and related finishes: procedures for inspection by attributes - AMD 3746: September 1981-
1988English -- Blank detail specification for Radio Interference Suppression Filters of Assessed Quality Basic and Full Assessment Levels - AMD 7548: June 15, 1993; Remains Current-
1980English -- Specification for Harmonized system of quality assessment for electronic components Family specification Digital Integrated TTL low power SCHOTTKY circuits Series 54LS, 64LS, 74LS, 84LS - AMD 3642: March 31, 1981; Remains Current-
AZUXJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1987English -- Aerospace; pan head bolts with ribbed TORQ-SET (ACR) recess and short-length MJ-thread, steel; nominal tensile strength 110 MPa, for temperatures up to 235 °C-
1982English -- Reaction Torque and Torque Impulse from Hand-Held Pneumatic Assembly Tools for Installing Threaded Fasteners-
1984English -- Specification for Harmonized system of quality assessment for electronic components - Fixed Resistors for Use in Electronic Equipment - Blank Detail Specification: Fixed Power Resistors. Assessment Level E - AMD 7965: January 15, 1994-
BASXJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1984English -- Aerospace; alternative materials for fasteners-
KGUXJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1988English -- Non-destructive testing; magnetic leakage flux testing by scanning with probes; principles-
1986Petroleum Products - Fuels (Class F) - Classification - Part 2: Categories of Gas Turbine Fuels for Industrial and Marine Applications First Edition-
MHFJCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1988English -- International Electrotechnical Vocabulary Chapter 701: Telecommunications, Channels and Networks-