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2011Sensitivity Analysis of the Human Visual System for Depth Cues in Stereoscopic 3-D DisplaysSilva, Varuna De; Member, Graduate Student; Fernando, Anil; Worrall, Stewart; Arachchi, Hemantha Kodikara
2009Rule-Based No-Reference Video Quality Evaluation Using Additionally Coded VideosOelbaum, Tobias; Keimel, Christian; Member, Graduate Student; Diepold, Klaus
2010Beamsteering in Pattern Reconfigurable Arrays Using Directional ModulationDaly, Michael P; Member, Graduate Student; Bernhard, Jennifer T
2009Efficient Opportunistic Routing in Utility-BasedNetworks, Ad Hoc; Lu, Mingming; Member, Graduate Student; Li, Feng; Wu, Jie
2010ADS-Based Guidelines for Thinned Planar ArraysOliveri, Giacomo; Manica, Luca; Member, Graduate Student; Massa, Andrea
201060 GHz Aperture-Coupled Dielectric Resonator Antennas Fed by a Half-Mode Substrate IntegratedLai, Qinghua; Member, Graduate Student; Fumeaux, Christophe
2010An Adaptive Constant Modulus Blind EqualizationAbrar, Shafayat; Member, Graduate Student; Nandi, Asoke K
2010Measurement of Viscoelastic Properties of for Ultrasound Elastography ApplicationsKumar, Kishore; Member, Graduate Student; Andrews, Maneesha E; Jayashankar, V; Mishra, Ashok K; Suresh, S
2010Determining a Gas-Discharge Arrester Model ’ s Parameters by Measurements and OptimizationGlotic, Adnan; Member, Graduate Student; Pihler, Joze; Ribic, Janez
2010Input-Output Linearization and Robust Sliding-Mode Controller for the VSC-HVDC Transmission LinkMoharana, Akshaya; Member, Graduate Student; Dash, P K