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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7005493.pdf.jpg2017DTD: A Novel Double-Track Approach to Clone Detection for RFID-Enabled Supply ChainsJun Huang; Xiang Li; Cong-Cong Xing; Wei Wang; Kun Hua; Song Guo
2017Homology Parameters for Large Axisymmetric Shaped Dual-Reflector AntennasYou Ban; Baoyan Duan; Congsi Wang; Wei Wang; Shufei Feng; Binbin Xiang
2017Estimation of Sampling Period for Stochastic Nonlinear Sampled-Data Systems With Emulated ControllersYong-Feng Gao; Xi-Ming Sun; Changyun Wen; Wei Wang
2017Evaluation and Adjustment of the AMSR2 Snow Depth Algorithm for the Northern Xinjiang Region, ChinaRenping Zhang; Tiangang Liang; Qisheng Feng; Xiaodong Huang; Wei Wang; Hongjie Xie; Jing Guo
2017A PD-Like Protocol With a Time Delay to Average Consensus Control for Multi-Agent Systems Under an Arbitrarily Fast Switching TopologyDong Wang; Ning Zhang; Jianliang Wang; Wei Wang
2017Multicast Routing for Multimedia Communications in the Internet of ThingsJun Huang; Qiang Duan; Yanxiao Zhao; Zhong Zheng; Wei Wang
2017Solution Processed Top-Gate High-Performance Organic Transistor Nonvolatile Memory With Separated Molecular Microdomains Floating-GateChao Wu; Wei Wang; Junfeng Song
2017An optimized oxygen system scheduling with electricity cost consideration in steel industryZhongyang Han; Jun Zhao; Wei Wang
2017A 36 GHz HTS MMIC Josephson Mixer&x2014;Simulation and MeasurementTing Zhang; Xiang Gao; Wei Wang; Jia Du; Colin Pegrum; Yingjie Jay Guo
2017Sampleless Wi-Fi: Bringing Low Power to Wi-Fi CommunicationsWei Wang; Yingjie Chen; Lu Wang; Qian Zhang