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7348641.pdf.jpg2016Optimized Superscalar Parallelization-Based Carrier Phase Recovery for Agile Metro Optical NetworksMeng Qiu; Qunbi Zhuge; Wei Wang; Mathieu Chagnon; Fangyuan Zhang; David V. Plant
7294657.pdf.jpg2016Generalized Relay Selection for Improved Security in Cooperative DF Relay NetworksWei Wang; Kah Chan Teh; Kwok Hung Li
7151826.pdf.jpg2016Granular Model of Long-Term Prediction for Energy System in Steel IndustryJun Zhao; Zhongyang Han; Witold Pedrycz; Wei Wang
7350132.pdf.jpg2016Noise-to-State Stability for a Class of Random Systems With State-Dependent SwitchingDianfeng Zhang; Zhaojing Wu; Xi-Ming Sun; Wei Wang
7564566.pdf.jpg2016Switching control optimisation strategy of segmented transmitting coils for on-road charging of electrical vehiclesHan Liu; Xueliang Huang; Linlin Tan; Jinpeng Guo; Wei Wang
7397088.pdf.jpg2016Improved digital beam-forming approach with scaling function for range multi-channel synthetic aperture radar systemWei Wang; Robert Wang; Yunkai Deng; Wei Xu; Lili Hou
7744444.pdf.jpg2016Bandwidth resource sharing on the XGPON transmission convergence layer in a multi-operator scenarioChengjun Li; Wei Guo; Wei Wang; Weisheng Hu; Ming Xia
7499864.pdf.jpg2016The Comparison of Current Ratio I_{\mathrm{\scriptscriptstyle ON}}/I_{\mathrm{\scriptscriptstyle OFF}} and Mobility Between SiGe Substrate and GaAs Substrate In0.23Ga0.77As Channel MOSFETsXiangting Kong; Renrong Liang; Xuliang Zhou; Shiyan Li; Mengqi Wang; Honggang Liu; Jing Wang; Wei Wang; Jiaoqing Pan
7513377.pdf.jpg2016Laser Arrays With 25-GHz Channel Spacing Fabricated by Combining SAG and REC TechniquesJunjie Xu; Song Liang; Lijun Qiao; Liangshun Han; Siwei Sun; Hongliang Zhu; Wei Wang
7485834.pdf.jpg2016High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells With Boron Doping in the Back Surface Field via Silicon PasteJuan Hong; Qidong Geng; Rongwei Xuan; Haibing Huang; Wei Wang