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7378924.pdf.jpg2016Layered-Division-Multiplexing: Theory and PracticeLiang Zhang; Wei Li; Yiyan Wu; Xianbin Wang; Sung-Ik Park; Heung Mook Kim; Jae-Young Lee; Pablo Angueira; Jon Montalban
7134781.pdf.jpg2016Impossible Differential Fault Analysis on the LED Lightweight Cryptosystem in the Vehicular Ad-Hoc NetworksWei Li; Wenwen Zhang; Dawu Gu; Yanqin Cao; Zhi Tao; Zhihong Zhou; Ya Liu; Zhiqiang Liu
7637114.pdf.jpg2016Improved impossible differential attack on reduced version of Camellia with FL / FL −1 functionsYa Liu; Anren Yang; Zhiqiang Liu; Wei Li; Qingju Wang; Liang Song; Dawu Gu
7283555.pdf.jpg2016Carrier Phase Estimation for 32-QAM Optical Systems Using Quasi-QPSK-Partitioning AlgorithmJie Feng; Wei Li; Junxiong Xiao; Jilong Han; Haitao Li; Liyan Huang; Yansheng Zheng
7101839.pdf.jpg2016Integration of Hardware and Software Designs for Object Grasping and Transportation by a Mobile Robot With Navigation Guidance Via a Unique Bearing-Alignment MechanismJunmin Wu; Xiangyu Yue; Wei Li
7501841.pdf.jpg2016Multiplier-Free Carrier Phase Estimation for Optical Coherent SystemsJilong Han; Wei Li; Zhixue He; Qianggao Hu; Shaohua Yu
7491252.pdf.jpg2016Original Symbol Phase Rotated Secure Transmission Against Powerful Massive MIMO EavesdropperBin Chen; Chunsheng Zhu; Wei Li; Jibo Wei; Victor C. M. Leung; Laurence T. Yang
7442836.pdf.jpg2016All-Fiber Broadband Degenerate Mode Rotator for Mode-Division Multiplexing SystemsXinglin Zeng; Yan Li; Wei Li; Longying Zhang; Jian Wu
7393835.pdf.jpg2016Performance Analysis of a Novel Triple-Permanent-Magnet- Excited Magnetic Gear and Its Design MethodYiduan Chen; W. N. Fu; Wei Li
7432036.pdf.jpg2016An Equivalent Circuit Method for Modelling and Simulation of Modular Multilevel Converters in Real-Time HIL Test BenchWei Li; Jean Bélanger