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7551224.pdf.jpg2016Positioning Accuracy Evaluation for the Collaborative Automation of Mining Fleet With the Support of Memory Cutting TechnologyChengming Luo; Xinnan Fan; Jianjun Ni; Hai Yang; Xuewu Zhang; Wei Li
7654919.pdf.jpg2016Moving window scheme for extracting secret keys in stationary environmentsLongwang Cheng; Wei Li; Dongtang Ma; Jibo Wei; Xu Liu
7314962.pdf.jpg2016Interleaved High-Conversion-Ratio Bidirectional DC&x2013;DC Converter for Distributed Energy-Storage Systems&x2014;Circuit Generation, Analysis, and DesignYi-Feng Wang; Li-Kun Xue; Cheng-Shan Wang; Ping Wang; Wei Li
7516770.pdf.jpg2016Efficiently Exploring FPGA Design Space Based on Semi-Supervised LearningLiqun Yang; Haigang Yang; Wei Li; Zhihua Li
2014A Novel Graphic Coverage Hole Description in Wireless Sensor NetworksRes. Inst. of Electron. Sci. & Technol., Univ. of Electron. Sci. & Technol. of China, Chengdu, China; Wei Li
7347443.pdf.jpg2016Development and Experimental Validation of a Physics-Based PEM Fuel Cell Model for Cathode Humidity Control DesignAlexander Headley; Victor Yu; Russell Borduin; Dongmei Chen; Wei Li
7434142.pdf.jpg2016The Confinement-Escape Problem of a Defender Against an Evader Escaping from a Circular RegionWei Li
7492178.pdf.jpg2016Fingerprint and Assistant Nodes Based Wi-Fi Localization in Complex Indoor EnvironmentQiyue Li; Wei Li; Wei Sun; Jie Li; Zhi Liu
7438832.pdf.jpg2016Sparse and Low-Rank Graph for Discriminant Analysis of Hyperspectral ImageryWei Li; Jiabin Liu; Qian Du
7317504.pdf.jpg2016Advances in Energy Harvesting Communications: Past, Present, and Future ChallengesMeng-Lin Ku; Wei Li; Yan Chen; K. J. Ray Liu