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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Distributed Interference and Energy-Aware Power Control for Ultra-Dense D2D Networks: A Mean Field GameChungang Yang; Jiandong Li; Prabodini Semasinghe; Ekram Hossain; Samir M. Perlaza; Zhu Han
2017Resource Allocation in Wireless Powered Relay Networks: A Bargaining Game ApproachZijie Zheng; Lingyang Song; Dusit Niyato; Zhu Han
2017Machine Learning Paradigms for Next-Generation Wireless NetworksChunxiao Jiang; Haijun Zhang; Yong Ren; Zhu Han; Kwang-Cheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
2017IoT Connectivity in Radar Bands: A Shared Access Model Based on Spectrum MeasurementsZaheer Khan; Janne J. Lehtomaki; Stefano Iellamo Iellamo; Risto Vuohtoniemi; Ekram Hossain; Zhu Han
2017Information Credibility Modeling in Cooperative Networks: Equilibrium and Mechanism DesignChunxiao Jiang; Linling Kuang; Zhu Han; Yong Ren; Lajos Hanzo
2017Energy Efficient Optimization for Wireless Virtualized Small Cell Networks With Large-Scale Multiple AntennaZheng Chang; Zhu Han; Tapani Ristaniemi
2017Dynamic Path To Stability in LTE-Unlicensed With User Mobility: A Matching FrameworkYunan Gu; Chunxiao Jiang; Lin X. Cai; Miao Pan; Lingyang Song; Zhu Han
2017Bridge the Gap Between ADMM and Stackelberg Game: Incentive Mechanism Design for Big Data NetworksZijie Zheng; Lingyang Song; Zhu Han
2017Scheduling Strategy for Multimedia Heterogeneous High-Speed Train NetworksYun Hu; Hongyan Li; Zheng Chang; Zhu Han
2017Resource Allocation in Space Multiaccess SystemsJun Du; Chunxiao Jiang; Jian Wang; Yong Ren; Shui Yu; Zhu Han