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2017Negative-Inductance Superconducting Quantum Interference Device With Energy Dissipation of 1.38 zJ/bit Measured by Inductively Coupled Coplanar Waveguide ResonatorHao Li; Jianshe Liu; Han Cai; Qichun Liu; Yingshan Zhang; Gang Li; Wei Chen
2017Effect of Winding Tension, Support Material, and Epoxy Impregnation on the Strain and Critical Current of YBCO CoilLiyuan Liu; Wei Chen; Haiyang Zhang; Xinsheng Yang; Ye Yang; Yong Zhang; Yong Zhao
2017Design and Performance of a Wideband Ka-Band 5-b MMIC Phase ShifterQin Zheng; Zhiyu Wang; Kangrui Wang; Gang Wang; Hui Xu; Liping Wang; Wei Chen; Min Zhou; Zhengliang Huang; Faxin Yu
2017Dynamic Reluctance Mesh Modeling and Losses Evaluation of Permanent Magnet Traction MotorXiaoyan Huang; Minchen Zhu; Wei Chen; Jian Zhang; Youtong Fang
2017Enhanced Carrier Collection in Silver Nanoparticle Embedded Zinc Oxide Nanorod Top Electrodes for Thin-Film Photovoltaic DevicesXuan Huang; Wenzhi Chen; Jia Feng; Qiang Xu; Wei Chen; Xin Cui; Bea-Heng Tseng; Daqin Yun; Qijin Cheng; Chao Chen; Jie Liu; Yangyang Fu; Fengyan Zhang
2017Visualizing Rank Time Series of Wikipedia Top-Viewed PagesJing Xia; Yumeng Hou; Yingjie Victor Chen; Zhenyu Cheryl Qian; David S. Ebert; Wei Chen
2017Content Pushing With Request Delay InformationWei Chen; H. Vincent Poor
2017Adaptive AF/DF Selection With FD/HD Switching in Two-Way Relay NetworksQuanqiang Miao; Bo Bai; Wei Chen
2017Accuracy of Interstitial Iron Measurements on P-Type Multicrystalline Silicon Blocks by Quasi-Steady-State PhotoconductanceMohsen Goodarzi; Ronald A. Sinton; Hao Jin; Peiting Zheng; Wei Chen; Quanzhi Wang; Daniel Macdonald
2017ViDX: Visual Diagnostics of Assembly Line Performance in Smart FactoriesPanpan Xu; Honghui Mei; Liu Ren; Wei Chen