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2017Screening Current-Induced Magnetic Field in a Noninsulated GdBCO HTS Coil for a 24 T All-Superconducting MagnetLei Wang; Qiuliang Wang; Jianhua Liu; Hui Wang; Xinning Hu; Peng Chen
2017General Lyapunov Functions for Consensus of Nonlinear Multiagent SystemsQuanyi Liang; Zhikun She; Lei Wang; Housheng Su
2017Unbalanced Control Strategy for A Thyristor-Controlled LC-Coupling Hybrid Active Power Filter in Three-Phase Three-Wire SystemsLei Wang; Chi-Seng Lam; Man-Chung Wong
2017Two-Stage Friend Recommendation Based on Network Alignment and Series Expansion of Probabilistic Topic ModelShangrong Huang; Jian Zhang; Dan Schonfeld; Lei Wang; Xian-Sheng Hua
2017Compositional Model Based Fisher Vector Coding for Image ClassificationLingqiao Liu; Peng Wang; Chunhua Shen; Lei Wang; Anton van den Hengel; Chao Wang; Heng Tao Shen
2017Evaluation on Step Counting Performance of Wristband Activity Monitors in Daily Living EnvironmentLei Wang; Tao Liu; Yihui Wang; Qingguo Li; Jingang Yi; Yoshio Inoue
2017Monitoring of Corrosion-Induced Degradation in Prestressed Concrete Structure Using Embedded Piezoceramic-Based TransducersTianyong Jiang; Qingzhao Kong; Zhong Peng; Lei Wang; Lizhao Dai; Qian Feng; Linsheng Huo; Gangbing Song
2017Diversity-Achieving Quadrature Spatial ModulationLei Wang; Zhigang Chen; Zhengwei Gong; Ming Wu
2017Case-Based Regression Models Defining the Relationships Between Moisture Content and Shortwave Infrared Reflectance of Beach SandsHaein Shin; Jaehyung Yu; Yongsik Jeong; Lei Wang; Dong-Yoon Yang
2017A Graph-Embedding Approach to Hierarchical Visual Word MergenceLei Wang; Lingqiao Liu; Luping Zhou