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2014Distributed and Truncated Reduced-Order Observer Based Output Feedback Consensus of Multi-Agent SystemsCenter for Control Theor. & Guidance Technol., Harbin Inst. of Technol., Harbin, China; Bin Zhou ; Chuanchuan Xu ; Guangren Duan
2014Monochromatic Cherenkov THz Source Pumped by a Singly Resonant Optical Parametric OscillatorKey Lab. of Opto-Electron. Inf. & Tech. Sci. (Minist. of Educ.), Tianjin Univ., Tianjin, China; Pengxiang Liu ; Degang Xu ; Jiaqi Li ; Chao Yan ; Zhongxiao Li ; Yuye Wang ; Jianquan Yao
2014A Synthesis Method of LTI MIMO Robust Controllers for Uncertain LPV PlantsDeimos Eng., Lisbon, Portugal; Rosa, P. ; Balas, Gary J. ; Silvestre, Carlos ; Athans, Michael
2014Hierarchical Mean Field Games for Multiagent Systems With Tracking-Type Costs: Distributed <formula formulatype="inline"> <img src="/images/tex/20162.gif" alt="\\varepsilon "> </formula>-Stackelberg EquilibriaSch. of Control Sci. & Eng., Shandong Univ., Jinan, China; Bing-Chang Wang ; Ji-Feng Zhang
2014Design of Optimal Sparse Interconnection Graphs for Synchronization of Oscillator NetworksFardad, Mohammad ; Fu Lin ; Jovanovic, Mihailo R.
2014Stochastic Analysis of Switching Power Converters via Deterministic SPICE EquivalentsDept. of Electron. & Telecommun., Politec. di Torino, Turin, Italy; Manfredi, Paolo ; Stievano, Igor Simone ; Canavero, Flavio G.
2014Human Movement Analysis as a Measure for Fatigue: A Hidden Markov-Based ApproachElectr. & Comput. Eng., Univ. of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada; Karg, Michelle ; Venture, G. ; Hoey, Jesse ; Kulic, Dana
2014Sarymsakov Matrices and Asynchronous Implementation of Distributed Coordination AlgorithmsACCESS Linnaeus Centre, R. Inst. of Technol., Stockholm, Sweden; Weiguo Xia ; Ming Cao
6827291.pdf.jpg2014Affiliate Plan of the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society-
2014[Front cover]-