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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7588168.pdf.jpg2017Predicting Protein-DNA Binding Residues by Weightedly Combining Sequence-Based Features and Boosting Multiple SVMsJun Hu; Yang Li; Ming Zhang; Xibei Yang; Hong-Bin Shen; Dong-Jun Yu
7589046.pdf.jpg2017A Noise-Filtered Under-Sampling Scheme for Imbalanced ClassificationQi Kang; XiaoShuang Chen; SiSi Li; MengChu Zhou
7829381.pdf.jpg2017An Efficient Indexing Method for Skyline Computations with Partially Ordered DomainsYu-Ling Hsueh; Chia-Chun Lin; Chia-Che Chang
7873301.pdf.jpg2017A Novel Fast Process for Zn(O,S) Buffer Layers, Doped With Al and B and Deposited on CIGSSe Solar CellsC. H&x00F6;nes; J. Hackenberg; R. Keller; S. Zweigart; A. Fuchs; S. Siebentritt
7862840.pdf.jpg2017Measuring Water Vapor and Ash in Volcanic Eruptions With a Millimeter-Wave Radar/ImagerSean Bryan; Amanda Clarke; Lo&x00FF;c Vanderkluysen; Christopher Groppi; Scott Paine; Daniel W. Bliss; James Aberle; Philip Mauskopf
7915674.pdf.jpg2017Data Challenges in Estimating the Capacity Value of Solar PhotovoltaicsDhruv Gami; Ramteen Sioshansi; Paul Denholm
7829382.pdf.jpg2017Selective Compensation of Distortion, Unbalanced and Reactive Power of a Thyristor-Controlled LC -Coupling Hybrid Active Power Filter (TCLC-HAPF)Lei Wang; Chi-Seng Lam; Man-Chung Wong
7994807.pdf.jpg2017Semi-Automated Counting of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Spores Using Artificial Neural NetworkClenia Andrade Oliveira Melo; Juliane Goncalves Lopes; Alexsandra Oliveira Andrade; Roque Mendes Prado Trindade; Robson Silva Magalhaes
7589082.pdf.jpg2017Granular Data Description: Designing Ellipsoidal Information GranulesXiubin Zhu; Witold Pedrycz; Zhiwu Li
7894373.pdf.jpg2017[Blank page]-
7864358.pdf.jpg2017Integration of DC Microgrids as Virtual Synchronous Machines Into the AC GridDong Chen; Yizhe Xu; Alex Q. Huang
7862841.pdf.jpg2017Portable Fluorometer for Cyanobacteria DetectionSeung-Hoon Kim; Ying He; Eun-Hee Lee; Jeong-Ho Kim; Sung Min Park
7915676.pdf.jpg2017Surface Plasmons-Polaritons, Surface Waves, and Zenneck Waves: Clarification of the terms and a description of the concepts and their evolution.Tapan K. Sarkar; Mohammad N. Abdallah; Magdalena Salazar-Palma; Walid M. Dyab
7829384.pdf.jpg2017An Expandable Two-Phase Interleaved Ultrahigh Step-Down Converter With Automatic Current BalanceK. I. Hwu; W. Z. Jiang; P. Y. Wu
7873303.pdf.jpg2017Superposition Spinal Codes With Unequal Error Protection PropertyXiaopu Yu; Ying Li; Weiqiang Yang
7894408.pdf.jpg2017[Front matter]-
7556260.pdf.jpg2017Uniform Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems With Arbitrary Switchings and Dynamic UncertaintiesS. S. Pavlichkov; S. N. Dashkovskiy; C. K. Pang
7994845.pdf.jpg2017Imposing voltage security and network radiality for reconfiguration of distribution systems using efficient heuristic and meta-heuristic approachPawan Kumar; Ikbal Ali; Mini S. Thomas; Surjit Singh
7921883.pdf.jpg2017Encouraging Kids: Hofmann sharing his experiences with the next generation [Pipelining: Attractive Programs for Women]Leslie Prives
7829402.pdf.jpg2017Distributed Stochastic Optimization via Matrix Exponential LearningPanayotis Mertikopoulos; E. Veronica Belmega; Romain Negrel; Luca Sanguinetti
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 55119
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