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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2010Lightweight probabilistic texture retrievalKwitt, Roland; Uhl, Andreas
2010ISAR Imaging of Maneuvering Targets Based on the Centroid Frequency - Chirp Rate DistributionZheng, Jibin; Su, Tao; Zhang, Long; Zhu, Wentao; Liu, Qing Huo
2010THOR: A performance analysis tool for Java applications running on multicore systemsTeng, Q M; Wang, H C; Xiao, Z; Sweeney, P F; Duesterwald, E
2010A zernike moment phase-based descriptor for local image representation and matchingChen, Zen; Sun, Shu Kuo
2010Feature Selection Using f -Information Measures in Fuzzy Approximation SpacesMaji, Pradipta; Pal, Sankar K
2010Motion tuned spatio-temporal quality assessment of natural videosSeshadrinathan, Kalpana; Bovik, Alan Conrad
2010Statistical wavelet subband characterization based on generalized gamma density and its application in texture retrievalChoy, S. K.; Tong, C. S.
2010A 5865 GHz neutralized CMOS power amplifier with PAE above 10% at 1-V supplyChan, Wei L.; Long, John R.
2010Multiple shape models for simultaneous object classification and segmentationLecumberry, Federico; Pardo, Álvaro; Sapiro, Guillermo
2010A method for compact image representation using sparse matrix and tensor projections onto exemplar orthonormal basesGurumoorthy, Karthik S.; Rajwade, Ajit; Banerjee, Arunava; Rangarajan, Anand
2010Experimental Measurements of Supermodes in Superposition Architectures for Coherent Laser Beam CombiningKhajavikhan, Mercedeh; John, Kerstin; Leger, James R
2010The lifting scheme for wavelet Bi-frames: Theory, structure, and algorithmYang, Xiaoyuan; Shi, Yan; Chen, Liuhe; Quan, Zongfeng
2010On approximation of orientation distributions by means of spherical ridgeletsMichailovich, Oleg; Rathi, Yogesh
2010High PSR low drop-out regulator with feed-forward ripple cancellation techniqueEl-Nozahi, Mohamed; Amer, Ahmed; Torres, Joselyn; Entesari, Kamran; Sanchez-Sinencio, Edgar
2010Monocular template-based tracking of inextensible deformable surfaces under L2-normShen, Shuhan; Shi, Wenhuan; Liu, Yuncai
2010An 80 mW 40 Gb/s 7-Tap T/2-spaced feed-forward equalizer in 65 nm CMOSMomtaz, Afshin; Green, Michael M.
2010A 0.6-V zero-IF/low-IF receiver with integrated fractional-N synthesizer for 2.4-GHz ISM-band applicationsBalankutty, Ajay; Yu, Shih An; Feng, Yiping; Kinget, Peter R.
2010Three key enablers to successful enterprise risk managementvon Känel, J; Cope, E W; Deleris, L a; Nayak, N; Torok, R G
2010Combining local filtering and multiscale analysis for edge, ridge, and curvilinear objects detectionBerlemont, Sylvain; Olivo-Marin, Jean Christophe
2010Cells segmentation from 3-D confocal images of early zebrafish embryogenesisZanella, Cecilia; Campana, Matteo; Rizzi, Barbara; Melani, Camilo; Sanguinetti, Gonzalo; Bourgine, Paul; Mikula, Karol; Peyrieras, Nadine; Sarti, Alessandro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 15609
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