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11-Jul-2017Individual differences in nonhuman primates: personality and its relationship to social interactions, socio-emotional perception, and well-beingWeiss, Alexander; Austin, Elizabeth; Wilson, Vanessa Amy Davina
27-Jul-2009Spiritual Coping with Chronic PainWhiteman, Martha; Henderson, Kevin
28-Jul-2009The Social Brain; An Investigation into Total Social Network Size and Relationship Closeness within a Distinct Human Population.Bates, Tim; Brown, Philippa
28-Mar-2014Facial structure and its association with behaviour in men and women.Penke, Lars; Warriner-Gallyer, Genevieve Estelle
25-Apr-2018Chimpanzee personality and its relations with cognition and health: a comparative perspectiveWeiss, Alexander; Deary, Ian; Altschul, Drew Michael
26-Mar-2014What Impacts Decision-Making in the Iowa Gambling Task? A Study into Depressive Symptoms, Personality, Affect and MotivationAustin, Elizabeth; Varney, Fiona
28-Jul-2009Associations amongst emotional intelligence, personality and reaction timesAustin, Elizabeth; Byron, Siobhan
28-Mar-2014Who Believes in the Paranormal? An Integrative Approach to Individual Differences in Paranormal BeliefWeiss, Alexander; Moulds, David James
10-Aug-2010An investigation into the relationship between personality and obesity and the mechanism by which this may exist.Weiss, Alexander; Lloyd, Matthew
27-Jul-2009The influence of personality, optimism and coping stratgies on academic performance, perceived stress and psychological well-being: a longitudinal study of first year university studentsTaylor, Michelle; Campbell, Emma