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-A Tale of Brothers, Sisters, Aunts and Uncles: Using Genomics and Modeling to Uncover the Nature of P. Falciparum Polygenomic Infections and CotransmissionCatteruccia, Flaminia; Grad, Yonatan; Buckee, Caroline; Bailey, Jeffrey
-Causality in Epigenetics: Strategies for Targeted Epigenome Engineering of Transcriptional Regulation and Genome TopologyMostoslavsky, Raul; Aryee, Martin; Liau, Brian; Shalek, Alex
-Causes and consequences of coexistence in the Vachellia drepanolobium ant-plant mutualismPierce, Naomi; Edwards, Scott; Farrell, Brian; Haig, David
-Global post-transcriptional regulators in Pseudomonas aeruginosaBernhardt, Thomas; Rudner, David; Watnick, Paula; Meyer, Michelle
-Leveraging Functional Annotations and Multiethnic Data to Improve Polygenic Risk PredictionPrice, Alkes; Liang, Liming; Lange, Christoph
-Intergenerational Transmission of Non-Germline RNAs in Caenorhabditis ElegansMango, Susan; Denic, Vlad; Extavour, Cassandra
-Technologies for Multiplexed High Throughput ScreensJones, Thouis; Kou, Shingchang
-Genetic and genomic approaches to understand size and proportionTabin, Cliff; Capellini, Terence; Whited, Jessica; Albertson, Craig
-The Design and Characterization of Bifunctional Degraders of TRIM24, a Novel Transcriptional Dependency in Hematologic MalignanciesGoldberg, Michael; Kadoch, Cigall; Armstrong, Scott; Beeler, Aaron
-Genomic Analysis of Viral OutbreaksHuttenhower, Curtis; Neafsey, Daniel; Lipsitch, Marc