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31-Aug-2017Cognitive mechanisms and social consequences of imitationPickering, Martin; Branigan, Holly; Rabagliati, Hugh; Lelonkiewicz, Jarosław Roman
29-Apr-2019Coordinating utterances during conversational dialogue: the role of content and timing predictionsPickering, Martin; Rabagliati, Hugh; Gambi, Chiara; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); Corps, Ruth
2007The Contribution of the Magnocellular Visual Pathway to the Process of Visual Word RecognitionKelly, Louise; Pickering, Martin; Thomson, Jacqueline
26-Mar-2014Investigating Negotiation and Successful Communication in non-Native Directed SpeechPickering, Martin; Young, Jean
15-Mar-2017Musical prediction in the performer and the listener: evidence from eye movements, reaction time, and TMSPickering, Martin; Sturt, Patrick; Moran, Nikki; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); Hadley, Lauren Victoria
9-Mar-2017Operation of eye-movement control mechanisms during the perception of naturalistic scenes.Nuthmann, Antje; Pickering, Martin; Walshe, Ross Calen
20-Apr-2017Studies of non-native language processing: behavioural and neurophysiological evidence, and the cognitive effects of non-balanced bilingualismBak, Thomas; Nieuwland, Mante; Pickering, Martin; Vega Mendoza, Mariana
9-Mar-2017Disfluency, prediction and attention in language comprehensionCorley, Martin; Pickering, Martin; Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC); Miller, Samuel John
2013"Down Past the Turtle": Exploring How Native and Non-Native English Speakers Negotiate Misunderstanding in a Paired Map TaskPickering, Martin; Michie, Sarah Danielle
24-Sep-2007Wearing frog hats and attempting walls: The processing of conceptual combination and coercionPickering, Martin; Commonwealth Scholarship Commission; Raffray, Claudine