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29-Nov-2017Improving longer-term memory via wakeful rest in health and amnesia: evidence for memory consolidationDella Sala, Sergio; Dewar, Michaela; Alber, Jessica Lynne
16-Jan-2018Effect of cognitive state on the consolidation of basic and complex memoriesDella Sala, Sergio; Dewar, Michaela; Craig, Michael
15-Jan-2018Investigating the short term memory visual binding impairment in Alzheimer’s DiseaseAbrahams, Sharon; Della Sala, Sergio; Starr, John; Killin, Lewis Oliver Jack
24-Sep-2007On the role and nature of retroactive interference in anterograde amnesiaDella Sala, Sergio; Abrahams, Sharon; Dewar, Michaela
10-Aug-2010Understanding Prospective Memory: Baselines for a Study on Memory Deficits in EpilepsyDella Sala, Sergio; Robertson, Nichola
22-Nov-2016Goal maintenance: examining capacity, competition, and duration, and their relation to intelligence and processing speedMacPherson, Sarah; Della Sala, Sergio; Iveson, Matthew Henry
7-Nov-2017Do bilinguals have a cognitive advantage? Examining effects of bilingualism and language use on executive controlDella Sala, Sergio; Bak, Thomas; Pernet, Cyril; De Bruin, Angela Maria Theresia
9-Mar-2017New insights into the cognitive and functional properties of human prospectionDewar, Michaela; Della Sala, Sergio; Neroni, Maria Adriana
19-Apr-2017Neuropsychology of accelerated long-term forgetting in temporal lobe epilepsyDella Sala, Sergio; Zeman, Adam; Dewar, Michaela; Butler, Christopher; Hoefeijzers, Serge
30-Nov-2017Self-monitoring in stroke patients and healthy individuals: predictive factors and methodological challengesMcIntosh, Robert; Della Sala, Sergio; Hart, Simon; Fowler, Elizabeth Amy