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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2018From Source to Dose: Modeling Human Exposure to Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl SubstancesSunderland, Elsie M.; Allen, Joseph G.; Coull, Brent; Grandjean, Philippe; Hu, Xindi
2016Arsenic, Lead and Manganese as Risk Factors for Child and Maternal NeurotoxicityBellinger, David; Wright, Robert; Baccarelli, Andrea; Coull, Brent; Tauheed, Jannah
2018Urinary Arsenic Methylation Species, Arsenic Methylation Efficiency during Pregnancy and Birth OutcomesChristiani, David C.; Coull, Brent; Weisskopf, Marc; Gao, Shangzhi
2016Development of Satellite-Based Emission Inventories and Indoor Exposure Prediction Models for PM2.5Koutrakis, Petros; Coull, Brent; Schwartz, Joel; Tang, Chia-Hsi
2016Health Effects of PM2.5 and Its Components on Mortality, Blood Pressure, and DNA MethylationSchwartz, Joel; Koutrakis, Petros; Coull, Brent; Baccarelli, Andrea; Dai, Lingzhen
2016Epigenetic and Mitochondrial Biomarkers Linking Air Pollution and Temperature on Human Health: The Normative Aging StudyBaccarelli, Andrea; Schwartz, Joel; Coull, Brent; Peng, Cheng
2016Green Buildings and HealthAllen, Joseph G.; Spengler, John D.; Adamkiewicz, Gary; Coull, Brent; MacNaughton, Piers
2016Estimating Health Effects of Temperature and pm2.5 Using Satellite-Retrieved High-Resolution ExposuresSchwartz, Joel; Koutrakis, Petros; Coull, Brent; Shi, Liuhua
2016Do Nutrients Counteract the Acute Cardiovascular Effects of Air Particles? The Role of Immuno-Epigenetics in Observational and Intervention StudiesBaccarelli, Andrea A.; Gold, Diane R.; Liang, Liming; Coull, Brent; Zhong, Jia
2016Exposure Characterization and Prediction of Ambient Particulate Matter: From Boston to the Middle EastKoutrakis, Petros; Coull, Brent; Garshick, Eric; Masri, Shahir Fouad