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11-Jul-2017Longitudinal study of cognitive changes in MS – dimensionality, predictors and self-perception of changeBak, Thomas; Connick, Peter; Abrahams, Sharon; Dirvanskiene, Ramune
15-Jan-2018Investigating the short term memory visual binding impairment in Alzheimer’s DiseaseAbrahams, Sharon; Della Sala, Sergio; Starr, John; Killin, Lewis Oliver Jack
17-Oct-2018Neuropsychological functioning across the ALS disease course and its assessmentAbrahams, Sharon; Hardiman, Orla; Al Chalabi, Ammar; Crockford, Christopher James
24-Sep-2007On the role and nature of retroactive interference in anterograde amnesiaDella Sala, Sergio; Abrahams, Sharon; Dewar, Michaela
28-Mar-2014The influence of the picture superiority effect on performance in the word and picture form of the Free and Cued Selective Reminding TestAbrahams, Sharon; Thorley, Natasha
2007Reduced false recognition in amnesia could be a result of impaired item-specific memory: the relationship between item-specific memory and gist memory.Abrahams, Sharon; Nissan, Jack
12-Jan-2018Multidimensional apathy in neurodegenerative diseaseAbrahams, Sharon; Starr, John; Radakovic, Ratko
2007Thinking and behaviour in motor neurone disease : a clinical neuropsychological investigationAbrahams, Sharon; Dunlop, Alan
28-Mar-2014A Study Into the Effects of Inhibition and Emotion on Perspective-Taking in Younger and Older AdultsAbrahams, Sharon; Druce, Megan
10-Aug-2010Age-related Impairments in Long-Term Retention of Verbal Material: A Problem of Accelerated Forgetting or a Deficit in Acquisition?Abrahams, Sharon; McIlroy, Lucy