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1996English -- Magnetic Tape Sound Recording and Reproducing Systems - Part 10: Specification for Time and Address Codes - AMD 6405: August 30, 1991-
1999English -- Multi-Bucket Dredgers - Part 1: Specification for scale of bucket capacities<br>French -- Dragues à godets multiple-
1996English -- High Fidelity Audio Equipment and Systems; Minimum Performance Requirements Part 5: Specification for Microphones<br>French -- Equipements et systèmes electroacoustiques haute fidelite; valeurs limites des ca-
1998English -- Implants for Osteosynthesis Part 6: Skeletal Pins and Wires Section 6.3: Specification for Kirschner Skeletal Wires<br>German -- Chirurgische Implantate. Knochennaegel und Knochendraehte. Bohrdraehte nachKir-
1992English -- Stainless steel tubes and fittings for the food industry and other hygienic applications - Part 5: Specification for recessed ring joint type couplings - AMD: August 31, 2009-
1997English -- Bolts, Shouldered, Thin Hexagonal Head, Close Tolerance Shank, Short Thread, in Titanium Alloy, Anodized, MoS2 Lubricated Classification: 1100 MPa (at Ambient Temperature)/315 Degrees C<br>French -- Axes à tete hexagonale basse, tige à toleranc-
1997English -- Video Cameras (PAL/SECAM/NTSC) - Methods of Measurement Part 1: Non-Broadcast Single-Sensor Cameras-
1997English -- Screws, Pan Head, Offset Cruciform Recess, Threaded to Head, in Titanium Alloy Anodized, MoS2 Lubricated Classification: 1100 MPa (at Ambient Temperature)/315 Degrees C<br>French -- Vis à tete cylindrique, à empreinte cruciforme deportee, filet-
1994English -- Helical-Scan Video Tape Cassette System Using 8 mm Magnetic Tape - 8 mm Video Part 2: PCM Multi-Track Audio System - AMD 8874: November 15, 1995-
1998English -- Elements of Electrical and Optical Connection - Test Methods - Part 317: Flammability<br>French -- Organes de connexion electrique et optique. Methodes d'essais. Inflammabilite-