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ARVXCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1998English -- Printed Boards and Printed Board Assemblies - Design and Use - Part 1-2: Generic Requirements - Controlled Impedance - First Edition-
OQDJCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1994English -- Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust - Part 2: Test methods - Section 3: Method for determining minimum ignition energy of dust/air mixtures - First Edition-
OQREABAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1997English -- Polyvinyl Chloride Insulated Cables of Rated Voltages up to and Including 450/750 V - Part 4: Sheathed Cables for Fixed Wiring - Edition 2.1; Edition 2: 1992 Consolidated with Amendment 1: 1997-
OQSSCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1994English -- Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) - Part 3: Digital Selective Calling (DSC) Equipment - Operational and Performance Requirements, Methods of Testing and Required Testing Results - First Edition-
LYDZJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1993English -- Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN); circuit mode structured bearer service category usable for 3,1 kHz audio information transfer; terminal requirements necessary for end-to-end compatibility; English version ETS 300084:1993-
LYEHCAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1995English -- European digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2) - GSM Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) access reference configuration; English version ETS 300551:1994-
GYAYJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1998English -- Adhesives - Determination of the colour and/or colour changes of adhesive coats under the influence of light-
RGXYJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1999English -- Polypropylene and propylene-copolymers - Determination of thermal oxidative stability in air - Oven method (ISO 4577:1983)-
RGUYJBAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1993English -- Packaging; complete, filled transport packages; vertical impact test by dropping (ISO 2248:1985); german version EN 22248:1992-
ELGNJAAAAAAAAAAA.pdf.jpg1999English -- Electrical terminal elements - Part 2: Generic specification-