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AL1544780.pdf.jpg2009The design and evaluation of a computerized and physical simulator for training clinical prostate examsGerling, Gregory J.; Rigsbee, Sarah; Childress, Reba Moyer; Martin, Marcus L.
AL1544815.pdf.jpg2009Multiattribute choice with ordinal information: A comparison of different decision rulesSarabando, Paula; Dias, Luís Cândido
AL1546765.pdf.jpg2009Measurement-based frame error model for simulating outdoor Wi-Fi networksBarsocchi, Paolo; Oligeri, Gabriele; Potorti, Francesco
AL1542857.pdf.jpg2009Analysis of nano and molecular arrays of negative differential resistance devices for sensing and electronicsGimenez, Alejandro J.; Luna-Barcenas, Gabriel; Seminario, Jorge M.
AL1541832.pdf.jpg2009Analytical modeling and experimental validation of the braided pneumatic muscleDoumit, Marc; Fahim, Atef; Munro, Michael
AL1542449.pdf.jpg2009Optical simulation and fabrication of nitride-based LEDs with the inverted pyramid sidewallsKuo, C. W.; Lee, Y. C.; Fu, Y. K.; Tsai, C. H.; Wu, M. L.; Chi, G. C.; Kuo, C. H.; Tun, C. J.
AL1545253.pdf.jpg2009New design for an endo-esophageal probe intended for the ablation of cardiac muscle in the left-atrium : A parametric simulation studyPichardo, Samuel; Hynynen, Kullervo
AL554108.pdf.jpg2007Influence of release timer on MAC-hs performanceBestak, Robert
AL1544858.pdf.jpg2009Petri net translation patterns for the analysis of eBusiness collaboration messaging protocolsFeller, Andrew L.; Wu, Teresa; Shunk, Dan L.; Fowler, John
AL544040.pdf.jpg2006Non-contiguous processor allocation strategy for 2D mesh connected multicomputers based on sub-meshes available for allocationBani-Mohammad, S.; Ould-Khaoua, M.; Ababneh, I.; Mackenzie, Lewis M.