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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7562563.pdf.jpg2016High-Power Single-Frequency 1336 nm Raman Fiber AmplifierLei Zhang; Huawei Jiang; Xuezong Yang; Xijia Gu; Yan Feng
7419763.pdf.jpg2016Generic model of aircraft susceptibility to radar under conditions of electronic counter measuresHaifang Song; Mingqing Xiao; Lei Zhang; Jiyang Xiao; Delong Feng
7239642.pdf.jpg2016GeoMobCon: A Mobility-Contact-Aware Geocast Scheme for Urban VANETsLei Zhang; Boyang Yu; Jianping Pan
7225157.pdf.jpg2016All-Wheel Braking Force Allocation During a Braking-in-Turn Maneuver for Vehicles With the Brake-by-Wire System Considering Braking Efficiency and StabilityLei Zhang; Liangyao Yu; Zhizhong Wang; Lei Zuo; Jian Song
7091003.pdf.jpg2016Measurement and Analysis of Extra Propagation Loss of Tunnel CurveBo Ai; Ke Guan; Zhangdui Zhong; Carlos F. López; Lei Zhang; Cesar Briso-Rodríguez; Ruisi He
7370882.pdf.jpg2016HARQ in Relay-Assisted Transmission for Machine Type CommunicationsAyesha Ijaz; Lei Zhang; Atta ul Quddus; Rahim Tafazolli
7173008.pdf.jpg2016Systematic Data Placement Optimization in Multi-Cloud Storage for Complex RequirementsMaomeng Su; Lei Zhang; Yongwei Wu; Kang Chen; Keqin Li
7433422.pdf.jpg2016Locally Similar Sparsity-Based Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing Using UnmixingLei Zhang; Wei Wei; Yanning Zhang; Hangqi Yan; Fei Li; Chunna Tian
7539280.pdf.jpg2016Robust Visual Knowledge Transfer via Extreme Learning Machine-Based Domain AdaptationLei Zhang; David Zhang
7412703.pdf.jpg2016Learning Iteration-wise Generalized Shrinkage&x2013;Thresholding Operators for Blind DeconvolutionWangmeng Zuo; Dongwei Ren; David Zhang; Shuhang Gu; Lei Zhang