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AL505526.pdf.jpg-Object removal by exemplar-based inpaintingCriminisi, a.; Perez, P.; Toyama, K.
7008424.pdf.jpg2016Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Exercise Coaching System for Older Adults: Lessons LearnedFerda Ofli; Gregorij Kurillo; Štěpán Obdržálek; Ruzena Bajcsy; Holly Brugge Jimison; Misha Pavel
AL1927057.pdf.jpg2011Fall detection with multiple cameras: an occlusion-resistant method based on 3-D silhouette vertical distribution.Auvinet, Edouard; Multon, Franck; Saint-Arnaud, Alain; Rousseau, Jacqueline; Meunier, Jean
6970762.pdf.jpg2016An Adaptive Filter for the Removal of Drifting Sinusoidal Noise Without a ReferenceJohn W. Kelly; Daniel P. Siewiorek; Asim Smailagic; Wei Wang
AL1927080.pdf.jpg2011Intuitionistic fuzzy cognitive maps for medical decision makingIakovidis, D K; Papageorgiou, E
AL1927094.pdf.jpg2011Predicting breast screening attendance using machine learning techniquesBaskaran, V; Guergachi, a; Bali, R K; Naguib, R N
AL362323.pdf.jpg-A knowledge-based approach to automatic detection of the spinal cord in CT images.Archip, Neculai; Erard, Pierre-Jean; Egmont-Petersen, Michael; Haefliger, Jean-Marie; Germond, Jean-Francois
AL1927147.pdf.jpg2011Mobile Social Network Services for Families With Children With Developmental DisabilitiesChou, Li-Der; Lai, Nien-Hwa; Chen, Yen-Wen; Chang, Yao-Jen; Yang, Jyun-Yan; Huang, Lien-Fu; Chiang, Wen-Ling; Chiu, Hung-Yi; Shin, Haw-Yun
AL1927157.pdf.jpg2011Ubiquitous Human Upper-Limb Motion Estimation using Wearable SensorsZhang, Z Q; Wong, W C; Wu, J K
AL357669.pdf.jpg-Statistical analysis of nonlinearly reconstructed near-infrared tomographic images: Part I--Theory and simulations.[see comment]Song, X; Pogue, B W; Tosteson, T D; McBride, T O; Jiang, S; Paulsen, K D