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7493597.pdf.jpg2016Intercell Busbar Design for Copper ElectrowinningEduardo P. Wiechmann; Anibal S. Morales; Pablo Aqueveque; Esteban J. Pino; Luis Muñoz; Jorge A. Henriquez
7079383.pdf.jpg2015(Undefined)Fed. Univ. of Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Soares, Carlos Fernando T. ; Petraglia, Antonio
7069182.pdf.jpg2016Dimension-Adaptive Sparse Grid Interpolation for Uncertainty Quantification in Modern Power Systems: Probabilistic Power FlowJunjie Tang; Fei Ni; Ferdinanda Ponci; Antonello Monti
AL1926592.pdf.jpg2011Experimental and simulated straightening of metal halide arcs using power modulationOlsen, Jo; Dreeben, Thomas D.
7112186.pdf.jpg2016Dilution of Precision Analysis for GNSS Collaborative PositioningBin Huang; Zheng Yao; Xiaowei Cui; Mingquan Lu
7194928.pdf.jpg2015(Undefined)Bilkent University, Dept. of Electrical & Electronics Eng., ankara, 06800, Turkey; Cetin, A. Enis ; Tofighi, Mohammad
7508540.pdf.jpg2016IEEE Global History Network-
7079385.pdf.jpg2015(Undefined)School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China; Li, Peipei ; Wang, Haixun ; Zhu, Kenny Q. ; Wang, Zhongyuan ; Hu, Xuegang ; Wu, Xindong
6824899.pdf.jpg2014Special issue on wide bandgap semiconductor power devices for energy efficiency and renewable energy utilization-
7428854.pdf.jpg2016Dimensional Changes of Nb3Sn Rutherford Cables During Heat TreatmentE. Rochepault; P. Ferracin; G. Ambrosio; M. Anerella; A. Ballarino; A. Bonasia; B. Bordini; D. Cheng; D. R. Dietderich; H. Felice; L. Garcia Fajardo; A. Ghosh; E. F. Holik; S. Izquierdo Bermudez; J. C. Perez; I. Pong; J. Schmalzle; M. Yu