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2011Annealing-Induced Changes in Electrical Characteristics of Al / Al-Rich Al 2 O 3 / p -Si DiodesLiu, Zhen; Chen, T P; Liu, Yang; Cen, Zhan Hong; Zhu, Shu; Yang, Ming; Wong, Jen It; Member, Graduate Student; Li, Yi Bin; Zhang, Sam; Al, Abstract Al-rich
2011Study of Trap Models Related to the Variable Retention Time Phenomenon in DRAMKim, Heesang; Member, Graduate Student; Oh, Byoungchan; Son, Younghwan; Kim, Kyungdo; Cha, Seon-yong; Jeong, Jae-goan; Hong, Sung-joo; Shin, Hyungcheol
2013Staggered Closed PCM for Stable Rectangular Sheet Electron Beam TransportPanda, Purna Chandra; Member, Graduate Student; Srivastava, Vishnu; Vohra, Anil
2010A Traveling-Wave-Based Protection Technique Using Wavelet / PCA AnalysisJafarian, Peyman; Member, Graduate Student; Sanaye-pasand, Majid
2010A Proportional-Resonant Controller-Based Wireless Control Strategy With a Reduced Number of SensorsUpss, Parallel-operated; Hasanzadeh, Amin; Onar, Omer C; Member, Graduate Student; Mokhtari, Hossein
2010Input-Output Linearization and Robust Sliding-Mode Controller for the VSC-HVDC Transmission LinkMoharana, Akshaya; Member, Graduate Student; Dash, P K
2010Determining a Gas-Discharge Arrester Model ’ s Parameters by Measurements and OptimizationGlotic, Adnan; Member, Graduate Student; Pihler, Joze; Ribic, Janez
2009Efficient Opportunistic Routing in Utility-BasedNetworks, Ad Hoc; Lu, Mingming; Member, Graduate Student; Li, Feng; Wu, Jie
2010Comparative Investigation of Ce 3 + Doped Scintillators in a Wide Range of Photon Energies Covering X-ray CT , Nuclear Medicine Portal Imaging ApplicationsValais, Ioannis G; Michail, Christos M; David, Stratos L; Liaparinos, Panagiotis F; Fountos, George P; Member, Graduate Student; Paschalis, Theodoros V; Kandarakis, Ioannis S; Panayiotakis, George S
2010Path Control : A Method for Patient-Cooperative Robot-Aided Gait RehabilitationDuschau-wicke, Alexander; Member, Graduate Student; Zitzewitz, Joachim Von; Member, Graduate Student; Caprez, Andrea; Lünenburger, Lars; Riener, Robert