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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2008Evolution of central pattern generators for bipedal walking in a real-time physics environmentReil, Torsten; Husbands, Phil
2008An augmented virtuality scientific data centerClarke, J.; Vines, J.; Mark, E.
2008The DZERO Level 3 data acquisition systemAngstadt, R.; Brooijmans, G.; Chapin, D.; Clements, M.; Cutts, D.; Haas, a.; Hauser, R.; Johnson, M.; Kulyavtsev, a.; Mattingly, S. E K; Mulders, M.; Padley, P.; Petravick, D.; Rechenmacher, R.; Snyder, S.; Watts, G.
2006The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating SystemStallma, Richard
2008Product-specific 'moisture levels': A conceptual frameworkBlish, R. C.; Sidharth
2008A novel frequency-doubling device based on three-terminal ballistic junctionShorubalko, I.; Xu, H. Q.; Maximov, I.; Nilsson, D.; Omling, P.; Samuelson, L.; Seifert, W.
2008Relating fundamental chemistry and smart materials with DFT calculationsYourdshahyan, Y.; Grinberg, I.; Sai, N.; Cooper, V. R.; Mason, S. E.; Rappe, a. M.; Kauffman, R. P.
2006Trajectory Analysis for Soccer PlayersKang, Chan-hyun Kang Chan-Hyun; Hwang, Jung-Rae Hwang Jung-Rae; Li, Ki-Joune Li Ki-Joune
2008Nanoscale observations of the electrical conduction of ultrathin SiO2 films with conducting atomic force microscopyPorti, M.; Nafría, M.; Aymerich, X.; Olbrich, a.; Ebersberger, B.
2009Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Quantum Communications and Information ScienceKumar, Prem; Kwiat, Paul G.; Ralph, Tim; Sasaki, Masahide