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7470977.pdf.jpg2016Buffer-aided relaying for the multi-user uplink: outage analysis and power allocationBo Zhang; Chen Dong; Jing Lei; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7755824.pdf.jpg2016Throughput and Delay Analysis of Cognitive Go-Back-N Hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest Using Discrete-Time Markov ModellingAteeq Ur Rehman; Chen Dong; Varghese Antony Thomas; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7445988.pdf.jpg2016Performance analysis of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems in dispersive indoor power line channels inflicting asynchronous impulsive noiseHongming Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7583706.pdf.jpg2016Compressed Sensing Improves the Performance of Subcarrier Index-Modulation-Assisted OFDMHongming Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7347320.pdf.jpg2016Compressed Impairment Sensing-Assisted and Interleaved-Double-FFT-Aided Modulation Improves Broadband Power Line Communications Subjected to Asynchronous Impulsive NoiseHongming Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7422013.pdf.jpg2016Delay Analysis of Social Group Multicast-Aided Content Dissemination in Cellular SystemJie Hu; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7537181.pdf.jpg2016Socially aware integrated centralized infrastructure and opportunistic networking: a powerful content dissemination catalystJie Hu; Lie-Liang Yang; Kun Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7506307.pdf.jpg2016Performance Analysis of Non-Linear Generalized Pre-Coding Aided Spatial ModulationRong Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7339719.pdf.jpg2016Energy Dissipation Versus Delay Tradeoffs in a Buffer-Aided Two-Hop LinkChen Dong; Li Li; Bo Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7744542.pdf.jpg2016Performance of Cognitive Selective-Repeat Hybrid Automatic Repeat RequestAteeq Ur Rehman; Varghese Antony Thomas; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo