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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Joint Angle Estimation and Signal Reconstruction for Coherently Distributed Sources in Massive MIMO Systems Based on 2-D Unitary ESPRITYuan Zhou; Zesong Fei; Shaoshi Yang; Jingming Kuang; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
2017Structured Non-Uniformly Spaced Rectangular Antenna Array Design for FD-MIMO SystemsWendong Liu; Zhaocheng Wang; Chen Sun; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
2017Joint Energy-Spectral-Efficiency Optimization of CoMP and BS Deployment in Dense Large-Scale Cellular NetworksGuogang Zhao; Sheng Chen; Liqiang Zhao; Lajos Hanzo
2017Two-Dimensional Precoding for 3-D Massive MIMOZhaocheng Wang; Wendong Liu; Chen Qian; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
2017Two-Stage Time-Domain Pilot Contamination Elimination in Large-Scale Multiple-Antenna Aided and TDD Based OFDM SystemsXinying Guo; Jiankang Zhang; Sheng Chen; Xiaomin Mu; Lajos Hanzo
2017Performance Analysis of Layered ACO-OFDMXiaoyu Zhang; Qi Wang; Rong Zhang; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
2017Dual-Mode Index Modulation Aided OFDMTianqi Mao; Zhaocheng Wang; Qi Wang; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
7331321.pdf.jpg2016Compressive-Sensing-Based Multiuser Detector for the Large-Scale SM-MIMO UplinkZhen Gao; Linglong Dai; Zhaocheng Wang; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
7539604.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Pilot Design for Pilot Contamination Elimination/Reduction in Large-Scale Multiple-Antenna Aided OFDM SystemsXinying Guo; Sheng Chen; Jiankang Zhang; Xiaomin Mu; Lajos Hanzo
7552593.pdf.jpg2016Decomposition Optimization Algorithms for Distributed Radar SystemsYing Ma; Sheng Chen; Chengwen Xing; Xiangyuan Bu; Lajos Hanzo