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7862897.pdf.jpg2017Impedance Analysis of SOGI-FLL-Based Grid SynchronizationHao Yi; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Fang Zhuo
2017An Active Trap Filter for Switching Harmonic Attenuation of Low-Pulse-Ratio InvertersHaofeng Bai; Xiongfei Wang; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
2017Modeling of Short-Circuit-Related Thermal Stress in Aged IGBT ModulesAmir Sajjad Bahman; Francesco Iannuzzo; Christian Uhrenfeldt; Frede Blaabjerg; Stig Munk-Nielsen
2017Harmonic Interaction Analysis in a Grid-Connected Converter Using Harmonic State-Space (HSS) ModelingJunBum Kwon; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Claus Leth Bak; Vasile-Simion Sularea; Cristian Busca
2017Negative Reactance Impacts on the Eigenvalues of the Jacobian Matrix in Power Flow and Type-1 Low-Voltage Power-Flow SolutionsTao Ding; Cheng Li; Yongheng Yang; Rui Bo; Frede Blaabjerg
2017A Single-Phase Transformerless Inverter With Charge Pump Circuit Concept for Grid-Tied PV ApplicationsJaber Fallah Ardashir; Mehran Sabahi; Seyed Hossein Hosseini; Frede Blaabjerg; Ebrahim Babaei; Gevork B. Gharehpetian
2017Modeling of VSC-Based Power Systems in the Extended Harmonic DomainMiguel Esparza; Juan Segundo-Ram&x00ED;rez; Jun Bum Kwon; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg
2017Characterization of Input Current Interharmonics in Adjustable Speed DrivesHamid Soltani; Pooya Davari; Firuz Zare; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
2017Stability Analysis and Controller Synthesis for Single-Loop Voltage-Controlled VSIsXiongfei Wang; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
2017Frequency-Domain Modeling and Simulation of DC Power Electronic Systems Using Harmonic State Space MethodJunBum Kwon; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Claus Leth Bak