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7185440.pdf.jpg2016Highly Accurate Derivatives for LCL -Filtered Grid Converter With Capacitor Voltage Active DampingZhen Xin; Poh Chiang Loh; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Yi Tang
7492610.pdf.jpg2016Harmonic Instability Analysis of a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converter Using a Harmonic State-Space Modeling MethodJun Bum Kwon; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Claus Leth Bak; Alan R. Wood; Neville R. Watson
7484659.pdf.jpg2016An Improved Second-Order Generalized Integrator Based Quadrature Signal GeneratorZhen Xin; Xiongfei Wang; Zian Qin; Minghui Lu; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7442581.pdf.jpg2016Couplings in Phase Domain Impedance Modeling of Grid-Connected ConvertersMohammad Kazem Bakhshizadeh; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Jesper Hjerrild; Łukasz Kocewiak; Claus Leth Bak; Bo Hesselbæk
7118223.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Design of High-Order Passive-Damped Filters for Grid-Connected ApplicationsRemus Narcis Beres; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Marco Liserre; Claus Leth Bak
7058352.pdf.jpg2016Grid-Current-Feedback Active Damping for LCL Resonance in Grid-Connected Voltage-Source ConvertersXiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Poh Chiang Loh
7454781.pdf.jpg2016Harmonic Stability Assessment for Multiparalleled, Grid-Connected InvertersChangwoo Yoon; Haofeng Bai; Remus Narcis Beres; Xiongfei Wang; Claus Leth Bak; Frede Blaabjerg
7298361.pdf.jpg2016Passivity-Based Stability Assessment of Grid-Connected VSCs&x2014;An OverviewLennart Harnefors; Xiongfei Wang; Alejandro G. Yepes; Frede Blaabjerg
7108037.pdf.jpg2016Active Damping of LLCL -Filter Resonance Based on LC -Trap Voltage or Current FeedbackMin Huang; Xiongfei Wang; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7132779.pdf.jpg2016Control Strategy for Single-Phase Transformerless Three-Leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based on Space Vector ModulationYong Lu; Guochun Xiao; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Dapeng Lu