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7470582.pdf.jpg2016Multiuser Communication Through Power Talk in DC MicroGridsMarko Angjelichinoski; Čedomir Stefanović; Petar Popovski; Hongpeng Liu; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7244161.pdf.jpg2016Lifetime Estimation of MMC for Offshore Wind Power HVDC ApplicationHui Liu; Ke Ma; Zian Qin; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7219436.pdf.jpg2016Linear Decentralized Power Sharing Schemes for Economic Operation of AC MicrogridsInam Ullah Nutkani; Poh Chiang Loh; Peng Wang; Frede Blaabjerg
7163623.pdf.jpg2016New Magnetically Coupled Impedance (Z-) Source NetworksYam P. Siwakoti; Frede Blaabjerg; Poh Chiang Loh
7589017.pdf.jpg2016Re-Investigation of Generalized Integrator Based Filters From a First-Order-System PerspectiveZhen Xin; Rende Zhao; Paolo Mattavelli; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7185435.pdf.jpg2016LLCL -Filtered Grid Converter With Improved Stability and RobustnessMin Huang; Xiongfei Wang; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7346409.pdf.jpg2016Effects of Passive Components on the Input Current Interharmonics of Adjustable-Speed DrivesHamid Soltani; Frede Blaabjerg; Firuz Zare; Poh Chiang Loh
7145356.pdf.jpg2016Modulation Schemes With Enhanced Switch Thermal Distribution for Single-Phase AC&x2013;DC&x2013;AC Reduced-Switch ConvertersZian Qin; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7177122.pdf.jpg2016Modulation Schemes for Single-Phase B6 Converters With Two Asymmetrical Terminal VoltagesZian Qin; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg
7161287.pdf.jpg2016Design of LCL Filters With LCL Resonance Frequencies Beyond the Nyquist Frequency for Grid-Connected ConvertersYi Tang; Wenli Yao; Poh Chiang Loh; Frede Blaabjerg