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2018Associations of Air Pollution, Industries, and Socioeconomic Status With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Among the Elderly in the U.S.Christiani, David C.; Dominici, Francesca; Zanobetti, Antonella; Rhee, Jongeun
2018How Does Capacity in Health Financing Impact the Alignment Between Priorities and Expenditures in the Health Sector: A Case Study of Kenya and MozambiqueRosenthal, Meredith; Berman, Peter; Govindaraj, Ramesh; Munir, Usman
2018Social Ecological Influences on Early Cannabis InitiationOkechukwu, Cassandra A.; Rees, Vaughan W.; Chen, Jarvis T.; Subramanian, S. V.; Sokol, Natasha Alessandra
2018Can Creative Placemaking Be a Tool for Building Community Resilience?Leary, Kimberlyn; Griffin, Toni; Hyde, Justeen; Venable-Thomas, Meghan
2018Toward a Causal Health Effect of Fine Particulate Air PollutionSchwartz, Joel D.; Dominici, Francesca; Zigler, Corwin M.; Wang, Yan
2018Fathers' Parenting and Early Child DevelopmentFink, Günther; McCoy, Dana C.; Yousafzai, Aisha K.; Jeong, Joshua
2018Healthier Restaurant Environments as a Child Obesity Prevention StrategyRimm, Eric; Subramanian, SV; Bleich, Sara; Moran, Alyssa J.
2018A Political Analysis of Health Care Reform in MalaysiaHsiao, William C.; Moon, Suerie; Yip, Winnie; Jarrah, Zina Maan
2018Thermal Decomposition of Nano-Enabled Products: Potential Environmental Health and Safety ImplicationsDemokritou, Philip; Fredberg, Jeffrey; Brain, Joseph; Allen, Joseph; Wohlleben, Wendel; Singh, Dilpreet
2018Using Public Health Data to Monitor Killings by Law Enforcement in the United StatesKrieger, Nancy; Coull, Brent A.; Gruskin, Sofia; Feldman, Justin M.