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2017Specific Changes in the Magnetoresistance of Ni&x2013;Fe&x2013;Ga Heusler Alloys Induced by Cu, Co, and Al SubstitutionsFelicia Tolea; Mugurel Tolea; Mihaela Sofronie; Bogdan Popescu; Alina Crisan; Aurel Leca; Mihaela Valeanu
2017Nonlinear Spectroscopic Characterization and Volterra Series Inspired Modeling of Magnetic NanoparticlesBradley W. Ficko; Maik Liebl; Christian Knopke; Minh Q. Phan; Uwe Steinhoff; Frank Wiekhorst; Solomon G. Diamond
2017Changing the Intensity of Interaction Based on Individual Behavior in the Iterated Prisoner&x2019;s Dilemma GameJiaqi Li; Chunyan Zhang; Qinglin Sun; Zengqiang Chen; Jianlei Zhang
2017Sparse Approximation of a Kernel MeanEfr&x00E9;n Cruz Cort&x00E9;s; Clayton Scott
2017Online Cross-Modal Adaptation for Audio–Visual Person Identification With Wearable CamerasAlessio Brutti; Andrea Cavallaro
2017Optoelectronic Stress Sensor Based on a Quantum Dot-Organic Semiconductor NanocompositeXian An Cao; Yi Qiang Zhang; Yuan Ming Zhou
2017Experimental Investigation of All-Optical Relay-Assisted 10 Gb/s FSO Link Over the Atmospheric Turbulence ChannelNorhanis Aida Mohd Nor; Zabih (Fary) Ghassemlooy; Jan Bohata; Prakriti Saxena; Matej Komanec; Stanislav Zvanovec; Manav R. Bhatnagar; Mohammad-Ali Khalighi
2017Dynamic Estimation of the Auditory Temporal Response Function From MEG in Competing-Speaker EnvironmentsSahar Akram; Jonathan Z. Simon; Behtash Babadi
2017Swarm-Inspired Modeling of a Highway System With Stability AnalysisDanielle Fredette; &x00DC;mit &x00D6;zguner
2017Multilevel Diversity Coding Systems: Rate Regions, Codes, Computation, &x0026; Forbidden MinorsCongduan Li; Steven Weber; John MacLaren Walsh