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2000PROCEEDING OF THE 1999 INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ONMachinery, Computing; York, Broadway New; Machinery, Computing; Drive, Rosewood; Number, Ieee Catalog; Number, A C M Order
2008Periodic steady-state solution of voltage-driven magnetic devicesDyck, Derek N.; Weicker, Phillip J.
2008R-FL-C model for design optimization of PM generatorsArkadan, a. a.; Mneimneh, M.; Al-Aawar, N.
2000Extending DACLIC for near Lossless Compression with Postprocessing of Greyscale ImagesChan, Y K
2008Analysis of power magnetic components with nonlinear static hysteresis: Proper orthogonal decomposition and model reductionZhai, Y.; Vu-Quoc, L.
2008Maintenance scheduling of generation and transmission systems using fuzzy evolutionary programmingEl-Sharkh, M.Y.; El-Keib, a.a.
2017Need for a transport aPI in 5G for global orchestration of cloud and networks through a virtualized infrastructure manager and planner [invited]Arturo Mayoral; Raul Munoz; Ricard Vilalta; Ramon Casellas; Ricardo Martinez; Victor Lopez
6560447.pdf.jpg2014Fault Location in Distribution Systems Based on Smart Feeder MetersDept. of Electr. Energy Syst., Univ. of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas, Brazil; Trindade, Fernanda C. L. ; Freitas, Wilson ; Vieira, Jose Carlos
2015Signal Processing Letters, IEEEChevron, Technol.-ETC, Santa Fe, NM, USA; Mitri, Farid G.
2008Linear Variable Reluctance (VR) micro motors with compensated attraction force: Concept, simulation, fabrication and testFeldmann, M.; Büttgenbach, S.