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2008Cycle-accurate energy consumption measurement and analysisChang, Naehyuck; Kim, Kwanho; Lee, Hyung Gyu
2008Post assembly magnetization patterns in rare-earth permanent-magnet motorsDorrell, D. G.; Hsieh, M. F.; Hsu, Y. C.
2008Selection of patient samples and genes for outcome prediction.Liu, Huiqing; Li, Jinyan; Wong, Limsoon
2000Some Decision Problems of Enormous ComplexityFriedman, Harvey M
2008FEM Analysis of eddy current losses in nonlinear laminated iron coresPreis, Kurt; Bíró, Oszkár; Tičar, Igor
2008A magnetic vector potential formulation to deal with dynamic induced losses within 2-D modelsMaloberti, O.; Mazauric, V.; Meunier, G.; Kedous-Lebouc, a.; Wendling, P.; Colin, B.
2008Computation of 3-D magnetic field distribution in long-lifetime electromagnetic actuatorsKhan, Sanowar H.; Cai, Ming; Grattan, Kenneth T V; Kajan, Kamalanathan; Honeywood, Mark; Mills, Stewart
2008The influence of an additional substance in the trenches surrounding the grounding grid's conductors on the grounding grid's performanceHabjanič, Anton; Trlep, Mladen; Pihler, Jože
2008A global bus power optimization methodology for physical design of memory dominated systems by coupling bus segmentation and activity driven block placement Also PhD student at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven , BelgiumWang, Hua; Papanikolaou, Antonis; Miranda, Miguel; Catthoor, Francky
2008Quasi-cyclic LDPC codes for the magnetic recording channel: Code design and VLSI implementationZhong, Hao; Zhong, Tong; Haratsch, Erich F.