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2014Enhanced Spurious-Free Dynamic Range in Intensity-Modulated Analog Photonic Link Using Digital PostprocessingState Key Lab. of Inf. Photonics & Opt. Commun., Beijing Univ. of Posts & Telecommun., Beijing, China; Yan Cui ; Yitang Dai ; Feifei Yin ; Qiang Lv ; Jianqiang Li ; Kun Xu ; Jintong Lin
2014An Evaluation of Low-Rank Mahalanobis Metric Learning Techniques for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationMachine Learning & Instrum. Autonomy Group, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab., Pasadena, CA, USA; Bue, Brian D.
2014Friendly Fast Poisson Solver Preconditioning Technique for Power Grid AnalysisDept. of Comput. Sci. & Technol., Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China; Jianlei Yang ; Yici Cai ; Qiang Zhou ; Jin Shi
2016Sneaker century :Keyser, Amber. ; ;
9789400716902.pdf.jpg2011Phenomenology/ontopoiesis retrieving geo-cosmic horizons of antiquityWorld Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning.; Tymieniecka, Anna-Teresa.; International Congress of Phenomenology (60th : 2011 : Bergen, Norway)
2008Improved Spice Models of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors for Inverter ApplicationsParler, Sam G.
0471235946.pdf.jpg2003Deploying solutions with.NET enterprise serversYoung, Mike, 1972-.; Young, Curtis W., 1947-.
2002STAD modeling method for computer supported group learningZhao, Jianhua; McConnell, D.; Li, Kedong; Akahori, K.
2015Signal Processing Letters, IEEEMoye, Davis George
2014Analysis of the Soft-Start Circuit of the High Voltage Power Supply Based on PSM TechnologyLinglong Xia ; Ming Zhang ; Shaoxiang Ma ; Ge Zhuang ; Kexun Yu