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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
7552518.pdf.jpg2016Resource Allocation for D2D Links in the FFR and SFR Aided Cellular DownlinkShruti Gupta; Suman Kumar; Rong Zhang; Sheetal Kalyani; K. Giridhar; Lajos Hanzo
7460197.pdf.jpg2016Constructive Interference as an Information Carrier by Dual-Layered MIMO TransmissionChristos Masouros; Lajos Hanzo
7069223.pdf.jpg2016Joint Optimization of Transceiver Matrices for MIMO-Aided Multiuser AF Relay Networks: Improving the QoS in the Presence of CSI ErrorsJiaxin Yang; Benoit Champagne; Yulong Zou; Lajos Hanzo
7254240.pdf.jpg2016Joint Relay and Jammer Selection Improves the Physical Layer Security in the Face of CSI Feedback DelaysLei Wang; Yueming Cai; Yulong Zou; Weiwei Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7416621.pdf.jpg2016Single-Carrier SM-MIMO: A Promising Design for Broadband Large-Scale Antenna SystemsPing Yang; Yue Xiao; Yong Liang Guan; K. V. S. Hari; A. Chockalingam; Shinya Sugiura; Harald Haas; Marco Di Renzo; Christos Masouros; Zilong Liu; Lixia Xiao; Shaoqian Li; Lajos Hanzo
7317803.pdf.jpg2016Transmit Precoded Spatial Modulation: Maximizing the Minimum Euclidean Distance Versus Minimizing the Bit Error RatioPing Yang; Yong Liang Guan; Yue Xiao; Marco Di Renzo; Shaoqian Li; Lajos Hanzo
7583706.pdf.jpg2016Compressed Sensing Improves the Performance of Subcarrier Index-Modulation-Assisted OFDMHongming Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7067447.pdf.jpg2016Is the Low-Complexity Mobile-Relay-Aided FFR-DAS Capable of Outperforming the High-Complexity CoMP?Shaoshi Yang; Xinyi Xu; Dimitrios Alanis; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7347320.pdf.jpg2016Compressed Impairment Sensing-Assisted and Interleaved-Double-FFT-Aided Modulation Improves Broadband Power Line Communications Subjected to Asynchronous Impulsive NoiseHongming Zhang; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7498103.pdf.jpg2016Physical-layer authentication for wireless security enhancement: current challenges and future developmentsXianbin Wang; Peng Hao; Lajos Hanzo