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7056480.pdf.jpg2016Outage Analysis and Optimization in Single- and Multiuser Wireless Energy Harvesting NetworksBo Zhang; Chen Dong; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Lajos Hanzo
7436767.pdf.jpg2016Learning-Aided Unary Error Correction Codes for Non-Stationary and Unknown SourcesWenbo Zhang; Zeyu Song; Matthew F. Brejza; Tao Wang; Robert G. Maunder; Lajos Hanzo
7745885.pdf.jpg2016Quantum-Assisted Joint Multi-Objective Routing and Load Balancing for Socially-Aware NetworksDimitrios Alanis; Jie Hu; Panagiotis Botsinis; Zunaira Babar; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7515210.pdf.jpg2016Quantum-Aided Multi-User Transmission in Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access SystemsPanagiotis Botsinis; Dimitrios Alanis; Zunaira Babar; Hung Viet Nguyen; Daryus Chandra; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7539604.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Pilot Design for Pilot Contamination Elimination/Reduction in Large-Scale Multiple-Antenna Aided OFDM SystemsXinying Guo; Sheng Chen; Jiankang Zhang; Xiaomin Mu; Lajos Hanzo
7755824.pdf.jpg2016Throughput and Delay Analysis of Cognitive Go-Back-N Hybrid Automatic Repeat reQuest Using Discrete-Time Markov ModellingAteeq Ur Rehman; Chen Dong; Varghese Antony Thomas; Lie-Liang Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7027862.pdf.jpg2016Online Source Rate Control for Adaptive Video Streaming Over HSPA and LTE-Style Variable Bit Rate Downlink ChannelsJian Yang; Yongyi Ran; Shuangwu Chen; Weiping Li; Lajos Hanzo
7421941.pdf.jpg2016Full-Duplex Wireless Communications: Challenges, Solutions, and Future Research DirectionsZhongshan Zhang; Keping Long; Athanasios V. Vasilakos; Lajos Hanzo
7579030.pdf.jpg2016Relay selection for wireless communications against eavesdropping: a security-reliability trade-off perspectiveYulong Zou; Jia Zhu; Xuelong Li; Lajos Hanzo
7445947.pdf.jpg2016Optical single sideband signal generation relying on a single-drive Mach&x2013;Zehnder modulator for radio over fibre communicationsVarghese Antony Thomas; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Lajos Hanzo