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2017Performance Analysis for Two-Way Network-Coded Dual-Relay Networks With Stochastic Energy HarvestingWei Li; Meng-Lin Ku; Yan Chen; K. J. Ray Liu; Shihua Zhu
2017Circuit Configuration and Control of a Grid-Tie Small-Scale Wind Generation System for Expanded Wind Speed RangeChengshan Wang; Liang Yang; Yifeng Wang; Zhun Meng; Wei Li; Fuqiang Han
2017A Charge Mapping Method for the Capacitance of Conducting PlateXiaobo Liu; Zhaoxian Zeng; Jingsi Zhang; Rui Lu; Wei Li; Xiaoli Dong; Anxue Zhang
2017Frequency-Scanning Planar Antenna Based on Spoof Surface Plasmon PolaritonXiaobo Liu; Bo Chen; Jingsi Zhang; Wei Li; Juan Chen; Anxue Zhang; Hongyu Shi
2017A Dynamics Perspective of Pursuit-Evasion: Capturing and Escaping When the Pursuer Runs Faster Than the Agile EvaderWei Li
2017Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Recycled Nd&x2013;Fe&x2013;B Magnets with Blending of Ce-Rich AlloyHaibo Feng; Yueming Zhang; Anhua Li; Yang Zhao; Wei Li
2017Localized Algorithms for Yao Graph-Based Spanner Construction in Wireless Networks Under SINRXiujuan Zhang; Jiguo Yu; Wei Li; Xiuzhen Cheng; Dongxiao Yu; Feng Zhao
2017Multiple Service Configurations Based on Layered Division MultiplexingJae-Young Lee; Sung-Ik Park; Sunhyoung Kwon; Bo-Mi Lim; Heung Mook Kim; Jon Montalb&x00E1;n; Pablo Angueira; Liang Zhang; Wei Li; Yi-Yan Wu; Jeongchang Kim
2017Extraction of the Pavement Permittivity and Thickness From Measured Ground-Coupled GPR Data Using a Ground-Wave TechniqueChen Guo; Li Zhao; Yan Chen; Wei Li; Richard C. Liu
2017Simulated Feedback Mechanism-Based Rotary Kiln Burning State Cognition Intelligence MethodKeqiong Chen; Jianping Wang; Weitao Li; Wei Li; Yi Zhao