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7676300.pdf.jpg2016An Extensible and Flexible Truthful Auction Framework for Heterogeneous Spectrum MarketsWei Li; Jiguo Yu; Xiuzhen Cheng; Rongfang Bie; Feng Zhao
7161337.pdf.jpg2016Phase Synchronization Between Motor Cortices During Gait Movement in Patients With Spinal Cord InjuryWei Li; Jiang Xu; Xi Chen; Jiping He; Yue Huang
7467403.pdf.jpg2016Research on Error Compensation Property of Strapdown Inertial Navigation System Using Dynamic Model of ShearerHai Yang; Wei Li; Chengming Luo; Jinyao Zhang; Zhuoyin Si
7140744.pdf.jpg2016Notion of Control-Law Module and Modular Framework of Cooperative Transportation Using Multiple Nonholonomic Robotic Agents With Physical Rigid-Formation-Motion ConstraintsWei Li
7130642.pdf.jpg2016TMACS: A Robust and Verifiable Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System in Public Cloud StorageWei Li; Kaiping Xue; Yingjie Xue; Jianan Hong
7539681.pdf.jpg2016Economic Dispatch Application of Power System With Energy Storage SystemsNing Yan; Zuo Xia Xing; Wei Li; Bo Zhang
7452341.pdf.jpg2016Restorative Self-Image of Rough-Line Grids: Application to Coherent EUV Talbot LithographyHyun-su Kim; Wei Li; Mario C. Marconi; William S. Brocklesby; Larissa Juschkin
7374649.pdf.jpg2016Colorless Long-Reach Duplex WDM-PON With Rayleigh Backscattering Noise Mitigation Using Orthogonal CodesQiguang Feng; Wei Li; Ying Wang; Qiang Zheng; Zhixue He; Qi Yang; Shaohua Yu
7389316.pdf.jpg2016Modeling and Design of a Plasmonic Sensor for High Sensing Performance and Clear RegistrationGuoxiong Cai; Wei Li; Ying Chen; Na Liu; Zhengyong Song; Qing Huo Liu
7315041.pdf.jpg2016sEMG-Based Identification of Hand Motion Commands Using Wavelet Neural Network Combined With Discrete Wavelet TransformFeng Duan; Lili Dai; Wennan Chang; Zengqiang Chen; Chi Zhu; Wei Li