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7548294.pdf.jpg2016Modeling Cellular Networks With Full-Duplex D2D Communication: A Stochastic Geometry ApproachKonpal Shaukat Ali; Hesham ElSawy; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7374741.pdf.jpg2016On the Maximum and Minimum of Double Generalized Gamma Variates With Applications to the Performance of Free-Space Optical Communication SystemsHessa AlQuwaiee; Imran Shafique Ansari; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7398128.pdf.jpg2016On the Performance Analysis of Dual-Hop Mixed FSO/RF SystemsEmna Zedini; Hamza Soury; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7524747.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Design of Dual-Hop VLC/RF Communication System With Energy HarvestingTamer Rakia; Hong-Chuan Yang; Fayez Gebali; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7438859.pdf.jpg2016On the Required Number of Antennas in a Point-to-Point Large-but-Finite MIMO System: Outage-Limited ScenarioBehrooz Makki; Tommy Svensson; Thomas Eriksson; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7405302.pdf.jpg2016Delay-Limited Capacity in the Low Power RegimeZouheir Rezki; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7480418.pdf.jpg2016Optimal Design of Large Dimensional Adaptive Subspace DetectorsIsmail Ben Atitallah; Abla Kammoun; Mohamed-Slim Alouini; Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri
7172532.pdf.jpg2016Opportunistic Energy-Aware Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Systems With Imperfect CSIOsama Amin; Ebrahim Bedeer; Mohamed Hossam Ahmed; Octavia A. Dobre; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7542139.pdf.jpg2016Precoder Design and Power Allocation for MIMO Cognitive Radio Two-Way Relaying SystemsLokman Sboui; Hakim Ghazzai; Zouheir Rezki; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7407649.pdf.jpg2016Improved Interference-Free Channel Allocation in Coordinated Multiuser Multiantenna Open-Access Small CellsRedha M. Radaydeh; Ammar Zafar; Fawaz S. Al-Qahtani; Mohamed-Slim Alouini