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7485889.pdf.jpg2016On Alternate Relaying With Improper Gaussian SignalingMohamed Gaafar; Osama Amin; Aissa Ikhlef; Anas Chaaban; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7570259.pdf.jpg2016Next-Generation Environment-Aware Cellular Networks: Modern Green Techniques and Implementation ChallengesHakim Ghazzai; Elias Yaacoub; Abdullah Kadri; Halim Yanikomeroglu; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7328736.pdf.jpg2016Secure Broadcasting With Imperfect Channel State Information at the TransmitterAmal Hyadi; Zouheir Rezki; Ashish Khisti; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7192727.pdf.jpg2016Performance Analysis of Free-Space Optical Links Over M&x00E1;laga ( mathcal{M} ) Turbulence Channels With Pointing ErrorsImran Shafique Ansari; Ferkan Yilmaz; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7293218.pdf.jpg2016Consumption Factor Optimization for Multihop Relaying Over Nakagami- m Fading ChannelsItsikiantsoa Randrianantenaina; Mustapha Benjillali; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7501584.pdf.jpg2016On the Asymptotic Capacity of Dual-Aperture FSO Systems With Generalized Pointing Error ModelHessa AlQuwaiee; Hong-Chuan Yang; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7445223.pdf.jpg2016Power Minimization of a Wireless Sensor Node Under Different Rate ConstraintsJosé Roberto Ayala Solares; Lokman Sboui; Zouheir Rezki; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7445896.pdf.jpg2016On the Performance of RF-FSO Links With and Without Hybrid ARQBehrooz Makki; Tommy Svensson; Thomas Eriksson; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7553448.pdf.jpg2016Precoding Design for Single-RF Massive MIMO Systems: A Large System AnalysisHoussem Sifaou; Abla Kammoun; Mohamed-Slim Alouini
7279207.pdf.jpg2016On the Ergodic Secret-Key Agreement Over Spatially Correlated Multiple-Antenna Channels With Public DiscussionMarwen Zorgui; Zouheir Rezki; Basel Alomair; Eduard A. Jorswieck; Mohamed-Slim Alouini