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7423654.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Source Coding and Its Applications in Relaying-Based TransmissionAbdulah Jeza Aljohani; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7551176.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Reciprocal-Selection-Based Win-Win&x2019; Cooperative Medium Access and its Stability AnalysisJiao Feng; Wei Liang; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7494949.pdf.jpg2016Multi-Set Space-Time Shift-Keying With Reduced Detection ComplexityIbrahim A. Hemadeh; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Seunghwan Won; Lajos Hanzo
7308038.pdf.jpg2016Iterative Distributed Minimum Total MSE Approach for Secure Communications in MIMO Interference ChannelsZhengmin Kong; Shaoshi Yang; Feilong Wu; Shixin Peng; Liang Zhong; Lajos Hanzo
7542502.pdf.jpg2016Joint Design of the Spatial and of the Classic Symbol Alphabet Improves Single-RF Spatial ModulationPranav S. Koundinya; K. V. S. Hari; Lajos Hanzo
7533478.pdf.jpg2016Joint Dimming Control and Transceiver Design for MIMO-Aided Visible Light CommunicationBaolong Li; Rong Zhang; Wei Xu; Chunming Zhao; Lajos Hanzo
7131434.pdf.jpg201620 Years of Turbo Coding and Energy-Aware Design Guidelines for Energy-Constrained Wireless ApplicationsMatthew F. Brejza; Liang Li; Robert G. Maunder; Bashir M. Al-Hashimi; Claude Berrou; Lajos Hanzo
7331321.pdf.jpg2016Compressive-Sensing-Based Multiuser Detector for the Large-Scale SM-MIMO UplinkZhen Gao; Linglong Dai; Zhaocheng Wang; Sheng Chen; Lajos Hanzo
7518625.pdf.jpg2016Predicting the Affordable Rate in Interference-Limited Cellular Systems Using Higher-Order Markov ModelsSaishankar Katri Pulliyakode; Sheetal Kalyani; Lajos Hanzo; K. Giridhar
7317803.pdf.jpg2016Transmit Precoded Spatial Modulation: Maximizing the Minimum Euclidean Distance Versus Minimizing the Bit Error RatioPing Yang; Yong Liang Guan; Yue Xiao; Marco Di Renzo; Shaoqian Li; Lajos Hanzo