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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2017Generalized-Spatial-Modulation-Based Reduced-RF-Chain Millimeter-Wave CommunicationsNaoki Ishikawa; Rakshith Rajashekar; Shinya Sugiura; Lajos Hanzo
2017Bandwidth Efficiency Maximization for Single-Cell Massive Spatial Modulation MIMO: An Adaptive Power Allocation PerspectiveLongzhuang He; Jintao Wang; Jian Song; Lajos Hanzo
2017Probabilistic Small-Cell Caching: Performance Analysis and OptimizationYoujia Chen; Ming Ding; Jun Li; Zihuai Lin; Guoqiang Mao; Lajos Hanzo
2017User-Centric Visible Light Communications for Energy-Efficient Scalable Video StreamingXuan Li; Yongkai Huo; Rong Zhang; Lajos Hanzo
2017Algebraic Differential Spatial Modulation Is Capable of Approaching the Performance of Its Coherent CounterpartRakshith Rajashekar; Chao Xu; Naoki Ishikawa; Shinya Sugiura; K. V. S. Hari; Lajos Hanzo
2017User Selection Algorithms for Block Diagonalization Aided Multiuser Downlink mm-Wave CommunicationRakshith Rajashekar; Lajos Hanzo
2017Performance Analysis of NOMA-SM in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Massive MIMO ChannelsYingyang Chen; Li Wang; Yutong Ai; Bingli Jiao; Lajos Hanzo
2017Joint Fronthaul Link Selection and Transmit Precoding for Energy Efficiency Maximization of Multiuser MIMO-Aided Distributed Antenna SystemsHong Ren; Nan Liu; Cunhua Pan; Lajos Hanzo
2017Taking Drones to the Next Level: Cooperative Distributed Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicular Networks for Small and Mini DronesJingjing Wang; Chunxiao Jiang; Zhu Han; Yong Ren; Robert G. Maunder; Lajos Hanzo
2017Quantum-Assisted Indoor Localization for Uplink mm-Wave and Downlink Visible Light Communication SystemsPanagiotis Botsinis; Dimitrios Alanis; Simeng Feng; Zunaira Babar; Hung Viet Nguyen; Daryus Chandra; Soon Xin Ng; Rong Zhang; Lajos Hanzo