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7307229.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Energy Spectral Efficiency Optimization for Partial/Full Interference Alignment in Multi-user Multi-relay Multi-cell MIMO SystemsKent Tsz Kan Cheung; Shaoshi Yang; Lajos Hanzo
7498628.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Source&x2013;Channel Coding Using Reduced-Complexity Syndrome-Based TTCMAbdullah Aljohani; Zunaira Babar; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7551176.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Reciprocal-Selection-Based Win-Win&x2019; Cooperative Medium Access and its Stability AnalysisJiao Feng; Wei Liang; Soon Xin Ng; Lajos Hanzo
7494949.pdf.jpg2016Multi-Set Space-Time Shift-Keying With Reduced Detection ComplexityIbrahim A. Hemadeh; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Seunghwan Won; Lajos Hanzo
7056480.pdf.jpg2016Outage Analysis and Optimization in Single- and Multiuser Wireless Energy Harvesting NetworksBo Zhang; Chen Dong; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Lajos Hanzo
7436767.pdf.jpg2016Learning-Aided Unary Error Correction Codes for Non-Stationary and Unknown SourcesWenbo Zhang; Zeyu Song; Matthew F. Brejza; Tao Wang; Robert G. Maunder; Lajos Hanzo
7055229.pdf.jpg2016Millimeter-Wave Radio Over Fiber Optical Upconversion Techniques Relying on Link NonlinearityVarghese Antony Thomas; Mohammed El-Hajjar; Lajos Hanzo
7676267.pdf.jpg2016Network Association Strategies for an Energy Harvesting Aided Super-WiFi Network Relying on Measured Solar ActivityJingjing Wang; Chunxiao Jiang; Zhu Han; Yong Ren; Lajos Hanzo
7128734.pdf.jpg2016Dual-Layered MIMO Transmission for Increased Bandwidth EfficiencyChristos Masouros; Lajos Hanzo
7552518.pdf.jpg2016Resource Allocation for D2D Links in the FFR and SFR Aided Cellular DownlinkShruti Gupta; Suman Kumar; Rong Zhang; Sheetal Kalyani; K. Giridhar; Lajos Hanzo