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7167658.pdf.jpg2016A Multipulse Pattern Modulation Scheme for Harmonic Mitigation in Three-Phase Multimotor DrivesPooya Davari; Yongheng Yang; Firuz Zare; Frede Blaabjerg
7121002.pdf.jpg2016Control of Doubly-Fed Induction Generator to Ride-Through Recurring Grid FaultsWenjie Chen; Dehong Xu; Nan Zhu; Min Chen; Frede Blaabjerg
7132779.pdf.jpg2016Control Strategy for Single-Phase Transformerless Three-Leg Unified Power Quality Conditioner Based on Space Vector ModulationYong Lu; Guochun Xiao; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Dapeng Lu
7428924.pdf.jpg2016Pulse Pattern-Modulated Strategy for Harmonic Current Components Reduction in Three-Phase AC&x2013;DC ConvertersPooya Davari; Firuz Zare; Frede Blaabjerg
7513417.pdf.jpg2016Wide Frequency Band Active Damping Strategy for DFIG System High Frequency ResonanceYipeng Song; Frede Blaabjerg
7442581.pdf.jpg2016Couplings in Phase Domain Impedance Modeling of Grid-Connected ConvertersMohammad Kazem Bakhshizadeh; Xiongfei Wang; Frede Blaabjerg; Jesper Hjerrild; Łukasz Kocewiak; Claus Leth Bak; Bo Hesselbæk
7342883.pdf.jpg2016Current Harmonics From Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverters&x2014;Examination and SuppressionYongheng Yang; Keliang Zhou; Frede Blaabjerg
7352373.pdf.jpg2016Enhancing the Frequency Adaptability of Periodic Current Controllers With a Fixed Sampling Rate for Grid-Connected Power ConvertersYongheng Yang; Keliang Zhou; Frede Blaabjerg
7151820.pdf.jpg2016A Review of Galvanically Isolated Impedance-Source DC&x2013;DC ConvertersAndrii Chub; Dmitri Vinnikov; Frede Blaabjerg; Fang Zheng Peng
7350094.pdf.jpg2016A Review of Passive Power Filters for Three-Phase Grid-Connected Voltage-Source ConvertersRemus Narcis Beres; Xiongfei Wang; Marco Liserre; Frede Blaabjerg; Claus Leth Bak