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7576717.pdf.jpg2016Joint User Pairing, Subchannel, and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex Multi-User OFDMA NetworksBoya Di; Siavash Bayat; Lingyang Song; Yonghui Li; Zhu Han
7501450.pdf.jpg2016Interference-Aware Coordinated Power Allocation in Autonomous Wi-Fi EnvironmentYaodong Zhang; Chunxiao Jiang; Zhu Han; Shui Yu; Jian Yuan
7572189.pdf.jpg2016Reward-to-Reduce: An Incentive Mechanism for Economic Demand Response of Colocation DatacentersNguyen H. Tran; Thant Zin Oo; Shaolei Ren; Zhu Han; Eui-Nam Huh; Choong Seon Hong
6949126.pdf.jpg2016Real-Time Detection of False Data Injection in Smart Grid Networks: An Adaptive CUSUM Method and AnalysisYi Huang; Jin Tang; Yu Cheng; Husheng Li; Kristy A. Campbell; Zhu Han
7579026.pdf.jpg2016Overlapping coalition formation games for emerging communication networksTianyu Wang; Lingyang Song; Zhu Han; Walid Saad
7676267.pdf.jpg2016Network Association Strategies for an Energy Harvesting Aided Super-WiFi Network Relying on Measured Solar ActivityJingjing Wang; Chunxiao Jiang; Zhu Han; Yong Ren; Lajos Hanzo
7151839.pdf.jpg2016Network Science Approach for Device Discovery in Mobile Device-to-Device CommunicationsBentao Zhang; Yong Li; Depeng Jin; Zhu Han
7425188.pdf.jpg2016Secure Green Communication via Untrusted Two-Way Relaying: A Physical Layer ApproachDong Wang; Bo Bai; Wei Chen; Zhu Han
7744829.pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Energy Trading for Wireless Powered Communication NetworksYong Xiao; Dusit Niyato; Ping Wang; Zhu Han
7112534.pdf.jpg2016Mobile Energy Sharing Networks: Performance Analysis and OptimizationDusit Niyato; Ping Wang; Dong In Kim; Walid Saad; Zhu Han