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7733180.pdf.jpg2016Guest Editorial Spectrum Sharing and Aggregation for Future Wireless Networks, Part IITheodoros A. Tsiftsis; Guoru Ding; Yulong Zou; George K. Karagiannidis; Zhu Han; Lajos Hanzo
7506125.pdf.jpg2016System Hardening and Condition-Based Maintenance for Electric Power Infrastructure Under Hurricane EffectsAli Arab; Eylem Tekin; Amin Khodaei; Suresh K. Khator; Zhu Han
7244237.pdf.jpg2016Carrier Aggregation Between Operators in Next Generation Cellular Networks: A Stable Roommate MarketYong Xiao; Zhu Han; Chau Yuen; Luiz A. DaSilva
7328294.pdf.jpg2016Interference Improves PHY Security for Cognitive Radio NetworksHang Zhang; Tianyu Wang; Lingyang Song; Zhu Han
7501450.pdf.jpg2016Interference-Aware Coordinated Power Allocation in Autonomous Wi-Fi EnvironmentYaodong Zhang; Chunxiao Jiang; Zhu Han; Shui Yu; Jian Yuan
7442907.pdf.jpg2016Radio Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Underlay Communication Using Hypergraph TheoryHongliang Zhang; Lingyang Song; Zhu Han
7498074.pdf.jpg2016Game-theoretic resource allocation for full-duplex communicationsLingyang Song; Yonghui Li; Zhu Han
7572189.pdf.jpg2016Reward-to-Reduce: An Incentive Mechanism for Economic Demand Response of Colocation DatacentersNguyen H. Tran; Thant Zin Oo; Shaolei Ren; Zhu Han; Eui-Nam Huh; Choong Seon Hong
7102766.pdf.jpg2016How Geo-Distributed Data Centers Do Demand Response: A Game-Theoretic ApproachNguyen H. Tran; Dai H. Tran; Shaolei Ren; Zhu Han; Eui-Nam Huh; Choong Seon Hong
7448959.pdf.jpg2016Incentivizing Selected Devices to Perform Cooperative Content Delivery: A Carrier Aggregation-Based ApproachBidushi Barua; Zaheer Khan; Zhu Han; Alhussein A. Abouzeid; Matti Latva-aho