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7542585.pdf.jpg2016Big Data Driven Mobile Traffic Understanding and Forecasting: A Time Series ApproachFengli Xu; Yuyun Lin; Jiaxin Huang; Di Wu; Hongzhi Shi; Jeungeun Song; Yong Li
7293228.pdf.jpg2016Cascading Failure Analysis Considering Interaction Between Power Grids and Communication NetworksYe Cai; Yijia Cao; Yong Li; Tao Huang; Bin Zhou
7431854.pdf.jpg2016Throughput enhancement of IEEE 802.11ad through space-time division multiple access scheduling of multiple co-channel networksWei Feng; Yong Niu; Yong Li; Bo Gao; Li Su; Depeng Jin; Dapeng Oliver Wu
7438749.pdf.jpg2016Fundamental Tradeoffs on Energy-Aware D2D Communication Underlaying Cellular Networks: A Dynamic Graph ApproachYulei Zhao; Yong Li; Haoming Zhang; Ning Ge; Jianhua Lu
7432016.pdf.jpg2016An Improved Design and Simplified Evaluation Technique for Waveguide MicrocalorimeterXiaohai Cui; Yu Song Meng; Yong Li; Yue Zhang; Yueyan Shan
7271120.pdf.jpg2016Boosting Spatial Reuse via Multiple-Path Multihop Scheduling for Directional mmWave WPANsYong Niu; Chuhan Gao; Yong Li; Depeng Jin; Li Su; Dapeng Wu
7474338.pdf.jpg2016Mobile cellular big data: linking cyberspace and the physical world with social ecologyFengli Xu; Yong Li; Min Chen; Sheng Chen
7397900.pdf.jpg2016Nonbinary Protograph-Based LDPC Codes Based on Additive Group of Finite FieldRuyan Wang; Yong Li; Hui Zhao
7398231.pdf.jpg2016Construction of girth-eight quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check codes with low encoding complexityRuyan Wang; Yong Li; Hui Zhao; Liang Qin; Hong Zhang
7173022.pdf.jpg2016Rethinking Memory Management in Modern Operating System: Horizontal, Vertical or Random?Lei Liu; Yong Li; Chen Ding; Hao Yang; Chengyong Wu