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7472970.pdf.jpg2016GPS-based onboard real-time orbit determination for leo satellites using consider Kalman filterYang Yang; Xiaokui Yue; Andrew G. Dempster
7544575.pdf.jpg2016Origin of Large Phase Shift and Magnetoelectric Resonance in Magnetoelectric Laminate CompositeYang Yang; Yuan-Jun Ma; Jian-Ping Zhou; Guang-Bin Zhang; Jian-Hong Peng
7466130.pdf.jpg2016Relative Trajectory Estimation During Chang&x0027;e-2 Probe&x0027;s Flyby of Asteroid Toutatis Using Dynamics, Optical, and Radio ConstraintsYanlong Bu; Wenlin Tang; Wenzhe Fa; Chibiao Ding; Geshi Tang; Yang Yang; Jianfeng Cao; Hai Chen; Hejun Yin
7559775.pdf.jpg2016Temperature Sensing Characteristics Based on Up-Taper and Single Mode&x2013;Multimode Fiber StructureYong Zhao; Peng Wang; Riqing Lv; Yang Yang
7480446.pdf.jpg2016Learning Geographical Hierarchy Features via a Compositional ModelXiaoming Zhang; Xia Hu; Senzhang Wang; Yang Yang; Zhoujun Li; Jianshe Zhou
7422064.pdf.jpg2016Recurrently Decomposable 2-D Convolvers for FPGA-Based Digital Image ProcessingZhao-Bin Ma; Yang Yang; Yun-Xia Liu; Anil Anthony Bharath
7393888.pdf.jpg2016Towards Robust Surface Skeleton Extraction and Its Applications in 3D Wireless Sensor NetworksWenping Liu; Tianping Deng; Yang Yang; Hongbo Jiang; Xiaofei Liao; Jiangchuan Liu; Bo Li; Guoyin Jiang
7302052.pdf.jpg2016Novel Design and 3-D Printing of Nonassembly Controllable Pneumatic RobotsYing Wei; Yonghua Chen; Yang Yang; Yingtian Li
7390000.pdf.jpg2016A Broadside-Coupled Meander-Line Resonator in 0.13- mu \text{m} SiGe Technology for Millimeter-Wave ApplicationSudipta Chakraborty; Yang Yang; Xi Zhu; Oya Sevimli; Quan Xue; Karu Esselle; Michael Heimlich
7328697.pdf.jpg2016Time-Varying Frequency-Modulated Component Extraction Based on Parameterized Demodulation and Singular Value DecompositionShiqian Chen; Yang Yang; Kexiang Wei; Xingjian Dong; Zhike Peng; Wenming Zhang