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7399746.pdf.jpg2016Direct Voltage Control of Dual-Stator Brushless Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Stand-Alone Wind Energy Conversion SystemsXinchi Wei; Ming Cheng; Wei Wang; Peng Han; Rensong Luo
7145474.pdf.jpg2016Distance-Based Energy-Efficient Opportunistic Broadcast Forwarding in Mobile Delay-Tolerant NetworksYue Lu; Wei Wang; Lin Chen; Zhaoyang Zhang; Aiping Huang
7478020.pdf.jpg2016Multimode Interference-Based Fiber-Optic Ultrasonic Sensor for Non-Contact Displacement MeasurementAn Sun; Zhishen Wu; Da Fang; Jian Zhang; Wei Wang
7835795.pdf.jpg2016Internet of Things (IoT) in 5G Wireless CommunicationsWaleed Ejaz; Alagan Anpalagan; Muhammad Ali Imran; Minho Jo; Muhammad Naeem; Saad Bin Qaisar; Wei Wang
7487067.pdf.jpg2016Multipath Assisted Positioning with Simultaneous Localization and MappingChristian Gentner; Thomas Jost; Wei Wang; Siwei Zhang; Armin Dammann; Uwe-Carsten Fiebig
7740199.pdf.jpg2016Robust consensus for linear multi-agent systems with noisesZhongmei Wang; Wei Wang; Huanshui Zhang
7348641.pdf.jpg2016Optimized Superscalar Parallelization-Based Carrier Phase Recovery for Agile Metro Optical NetworksMeng Qiu; Qunbi Zhuge; Wei Wang; Mathieu Chagnon; Fangyuan Zhang; David V. Plant
7513377.pdf.jpg2016Laser Arrays With 25-GHz Channel Spacing Fabricated by Combining SAG and REC TechniquesJunjie Xu; Song Liang; Lijun Qiao; Liangshun Han; Siwei Sun; Hongliang Zhu; Wei Wang
7456198.pdf.jpg2016Distributed Filtering for Switched Nonlinear Positive Systems With Missing Measurements Over Sensor NetworksDong Wang; Zidong Wang; Guoyang Li; Wei Wang
7346492.pdf.jpg2016Joint Feature Selection and Subspace Learning for Cross-Modal RetrievalKaiye Wang; Ran He; Liang Wang; Wei Wang; Tieniu Tan