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7314962.pdf.jpg2016Interleaved High-Conversion-Ratio Bidirectional DC&x2013;DC Converter for Distributed Energy-Storage Systems&x2014;Circuit Generation, Analysis, and DesignYi-Feng Wang; Li-Kun Xue; Cheng-Shan Wang; Ping Wang; Wei Li
7542536.pdf.jpg2016Laplacian Regularized Collaborative Graph for Discriminant Analysis of Hyperspectral ImageryWei Li; Qian Du
7579594.pdf.jpg2016Multiple Disease Risk Assessment With Uniform Model Based on Medical Clinical NotesXiaobo Shi; Ying Hu; Yin Zhang; Wei Li; Yixue Hao; Abdulhameed Alelaiwi; Sk Md Mizanur Rahman; M. Shamim Hossain
7378924.pdf.jpg2016Layered-Division-Multiplexing: Theory and PracticeLiang Zhang; Wei Li; Yiyan Wu; Xianbin Wang; Sung-Ik Park; Heung Mook Kim; Jae-Young Lee; Pablo Angueira; Jon Montalban
7501841.pdf.jpg2016Multiplier-Free Carrier Phase Estimation for Optical Coherent SystemsJilong Han; Wei Li; Zhixue He; Qianggao Hu; Shaohua Yu
7491252.pdf.jpg2016Original Symbol Phase Rotated Secure Transmission Against Powerful Massive MIMO EavesdropperBin Chen; Chunsheng Zhu; Wei Li; Jibo Wei; Victor C. M. Leung; Laurence T. Yang
7130642.pdf.jpg2016TMACS: A Robust and Verifiable Threshold Multi-Authority Access Control System in Public Cloud StorageWei Li; Kaiping Xue; Yingjie Xue; Jianan Hong
7393835.pdf.jpg2016Performance Analysis of a Novel Triple-Permanent-Magnet- Excited Magnetic Gear and Its Design MethodYiduan Chen; W. N. Fu; Wei Li
7452341.pdf.jpg2016Restorative Self-Image of Rough-Line Grids: Application to Coherent EUV Talbot LithographyHyun-su Kim; Wei Li; Mario C. Marconi; William S. Brocklesby; Larissa Juschkin
7140744.pdf.jpg2016Notion of Control-Law Module and Modular Framework of Cooperative Transportation Using Multiple Nonholonomic Robotic Agents With Physical Rigid-Formation-Motion ConstraintsWei Li