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-The Mythologist in Microgroove: Fabrizio De André's Italy (1961-1981)Erspamer, Francesco; Minghelli, Giuliana; Schnapp, Jeffrey
-Investigations Into DNA Double Strand Breaks in Neural Development and FunctionWalsh, Christopher A.; Alt, Frederick W.; Woolf, Clifford J.; Scully, Ralph; Zha, Shan
-Peptidoglycan Synthesis and Rod Shape Maintenance in MycobacteriaWirth, Dyann F.; Rubin, Eric J.; Dove, Simon L.; Starnbach, Michael N.; Burleigh, Barbara
-Detecting Meaningful Relationships in Large Data SetsMitzenmacher, Michael; Adams, Ryan; Price, Alkes; Doshi-Velez, Finale
-New Insights on Neural Circuit Refinement in the Central Nervous System: Climbing Fiber Synapse Elimination in the Developing Mouse Cerebellum Studied With Serial-Section Scanning Electron MicroscopySamuel, Aravi D.; Lichtman, Jeff W.; Mahadevan, Lakshminarayanan; Seung, Sebastian
-World Literature and the Chinese Compass, 1942-2012Damrosch, David; Puchner, Martin; Thornber, Karen
-Functional and genomic approaches in identifying new oncogenes and pathogensPellman, David; Eck, Michael; Ruvkun, Gary; Davis, Roger
-A Floating Probe Force Microscope With Sub-Femtonewton ResolutionManoharan, Vinothan; Capasso, Federico; Ham, Donhee; Golovchenko, Jene
-Torah From Zion: Gentile Conversion and Law Observance in the Septuagint of IsaiahTeeter, Andrew; Saley, Richard; Wagner, Ross; Machinist, Peter
-Sorting Shapes the Performance of Graph-Structured SystemsSeltzer, Margo I.; Mitzenmacher, Michael D.; Idreos, Stratos