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7494976.pdf.jpg2016Range-Dependent Map-Drift Algorithm for Focusing UAV SAR ImageryLei Zhang; Mengqi Hu; Guangyong Wang; Hongxian Wang
7600489.pdf.jpg2016Robust H-infinity CKF/KF hybrid filtering method for SINS alignmentLei Zhang; Chun Yang; Qingwei Chen; Fei Yan
7430251.pdf.jpg2016Mitigating Ionospheric Artifacts in Coseismic Interferogram Based on Offset Field Derived From ALOS-PALSAR DataBochen Zhang; Xiaoli Ding; Wu Zhu; Chisheng Wang; Lei Zhang; Zhizhao Liu
7500050.pdf.jpg2016Multiple Local Autofocus Back-Projection Algorithm for Space-Variant Phase-Error Correction in Synthetic Aperture RadarLei Ran; Zheng Liu; Lei Zhang; Rong Xie; Tao Li
7539280.pdf.jpg2016Robust Visual Knowledge Transfer via Extreme Learning Machine-Based Domain AdaptationLei Zhang; David Zhang
7412703.pdf.jpg2016Learning Iteration-wise Generalized Shrinkage&x2013;Thresholding Operators for Blind DeconvolutionWangmeng Zuo; Dongwei Ren; David Zhang; Shuhang Gu; Lei Zhang
7448382.pdf.jpg2016Performance Analysis and Optimal Cooperative Cluster Size for Randomly Distributed Small Cells Under Cloud RANLei Zhang; Atta Ul Quddus; Efstathios Katranaras; Dirk Wübben; Yinan Qi; Rahim Tafazolli
7433422.pdf.jpg2016Locally Similar Sparsity-Based Hyperspectral Compressive Sensing Using UnmixingLei Zhang; Wei Wei; Yanning Zhang; Hangqi Yan; Fei Li; Chunna Tian
7456550.pdf.jpg2016Research on power sharing strategy of hybrid energy storage system in photovoltaic power station based on multi-objective optimisationWei Jiang; Lei Zhang; Hui Zhao; Huichun Huang; Renjie Hu
7063228.pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Spectrum Allocation for the Downlink of OFDMA-Based Hybrid-Access Cognitive Femtocell NetworksLei Zhang; Tao Jiang; Kai Luo